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Thread: Swedish Forces Pack

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    Exclamation Swedish Forces Pack - Updated 5th of July

    Swedish Forces Pack
    http://hosted.anrop.se/sfp/@sfp_051.zip Around 700 mb

    Swedish Forces Pack have been updated to version 0.5.0

    Includes features such as buddy reload, backblast and advance missiles.
    More than 11 new completely new vehicles, including airplane, helicopter, drones, jeeps and boats.
    More than 20 new weapons

    and to enjoy all this are over 15 missions for 2-40 players. Coop and PvP.

    Release have been updated. For more details, please refer to the change log.

    Please be aware!
    There are some limitations we can't fix due to not having the proper tools for ArmA3 yet, however we do as much as we can and we can fix those things later.
    This is for the stable version, again BIS is changing classnames and stuff in dev branch and we can't keep up with all changes. We will patch it later.

    Package include:

    Swedish infantry, 2035 style, our future style.
    Swedish infantry, 2000-2015 style with UN, Woodland and special forces.
    Swedish infantry, 1990-2000 style. Also includes "local defence" which got a plain green uniform could be used as "generic opfor".

    Wamako factions:
    Army, the government supported by Sweden.
    PNW, Nationalistic party that thinks the current government is too weak.
    Milita, former communist and today leaning towards more "al queda", just hate everything from "the west."
    Police and civillians.
    This means more headgear and stuff that is worth mentioning.

    Hms Norrköping, patrol boat with "radar" that enables you to fire missiles on naval targets up to 5 km away.
    Tgb 16, known as BAE RG 32M.
    Tgb 11 ("Jeep") and Tgb 20 (Truck transport)
    Bv 206, a tracked all terrain soft vehicle.
    TGB 1111 (open "jeep" with machinegun, AT missile)
    TGB 20, Troop carrier
    TGB 1314, Ambulance
    Strv 122, Leopad 2 tank
    Patgb 203, Wheeled apc, better known as Patria Xa 203.
    G-class landing craft, small boat for squad level transport
    HMS Gotland Submarine (no weapons, functions, for cutscenes only will hopefully be updated in the beta)
    Ikv 91, light tank
    Strf 90, Infantry fighting vehicle
    Strv 122, leopard2 tank.
    Retextures of a few vehicles. (Offroad, helicopter, APC)
    Import of some ArmA2 vehicles ( T72, Btr 60, UAZ Mi24, Su25, UH 60 Blackhawk)

    H&K MP 5,
    Kpist m45, Swedish K
    CJB MS,
    Pistol 88, glock 17
    Remington 870 shotgun.
    AK 4, H&K G3
    AK5, FN FNC
    AK5 C med m203,
    AK 47,
    PSG 90, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    RPG 7,
    RPG 18
    GRG m86, Carl Gustaf/M3 MAAWS
    Pskott 68, the miniman
    Ksp 58, FN MAG

    Older teaser for the 0.1.4 release

    From our beta testing @ Anrop.se
    Last edited by granQ; Jul 6 2015 at 09:01. Reason: 0.5.0 Released.
    My streaming Perhaps catch me working on some addons.
    http://www.anrop.se Swedish ArmA community.

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    Happy to see you guys keep going even if I'm a "light" SFP user

    >> It's all about teamwork! <<

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    Looks great , downloading ASAP.

    Tack granQ!!
    "Whoever comes to us with the sword from the sword will perish"
    Alexandr Nevsky Prince of Novgorod and Kiev 1220-1263

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    FANTASTIC. oops sorry for caps but it really is great news. One of my fave mods.

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    Good to see you still working away at this GQ! Hopefully will get to play with you one of these days

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    Thank you!

    I'm really happy to see this in Arma 3 as well, looks really good!
    Great job, and good luck with the vechicles!
    Thank you!

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    Great news, i wish my Fellow country men would be just as fast as you to release some Danish stuff

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    really liking this, all of it looks great. one thing that's sort of bothering me is that you can put 11, 200 round ammo boxes in your vest. i'v never seen or worn those vests before but it seems highly unlikely you could carry that much in the vest alone.
    super excited for the vehicles!

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    New models and stuff, excellent!

    (O.o)copy the bunny into your sig
    ( ><) help him achieve world dominashun

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