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Thread: norrin's ArmA2 scripts ported to ArmA3

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    norrin's ArmA2 scripts ported to ArmA3

    I thought this was probably an appropriate day to start posting these. Over the next few weeks I'm hopefully going to post some of my scripts from ArmA2 that I have converted to work with ArmA3.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************************
    1. Revive (version 0.61): (ArmA3 Release Compatible)

    I've had a couple of people request this so the old dinosaur is back. Its essentially the old ArmA2 Revive v05 ported to work in ArmA3. Its still a mess of code but as far as I can tell it seems to be working OK after the changes I have made. In the archive is the old readMe and howTo, the only difference is if you want to use the "respawn at base add weapons" option then the format of the array is different and currently undocumented in the readMe - I'll get around to updating it some day. Make sure you check the Thank yous in the readMe as they still apply.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************************
    2. Aerial Taxi (version 0.2):

    This suite of scripts allows you to jump on an AI piloted chopper and then command it to fly to a map point where it will land and you can disembark. The chopper will then return to base and refuel, where upon it can be commanded to extract you from another map click position selected by the player. They also allow for the possibility of an armed gunship escort for the taxi chopper. Once again the readMe that explains how it works is in the downloadable archive. My advice is to call the extraction chopper to the open area just in front of where you start the test mission. Then fire up the camera and watch the escort do its job before boarding the Taxi. Note both choppers and their crew have had their ability to be damaged disabled in the init.sqf in the test mission.

    To use the camera scripts:
    1. Start the camera in the action menu.
    2. The "A" and "D" keys allow you to switch between camera targets.
    3. The "W" and "S" keys allow you to switch between camera types - note: that for the "Top Down" Cam the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out and for the free camera you can use the right mouse button and the mouse wheel to rotate and zoom around your object of interest. Make sure you press near the centre of the screen to rotate the camera - press left of the centre and the cam will rotate to the left and if you press right of centre it rotates right, it works in a similar way for moving the camera up and down.
    4. To go back into playable mode just press the "esc" key and the camera will stop.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************************
    3. Convoy (version 0.2): (ArmA3 Release Compatible)

    These scripts are designed to allow you to set up a simple road convoy that will stay in formation. If the convoy is attacked the foot units will dismount and will engage the attackers. Gunners will remain in their vehicles and will also defend the convoy. There is an option in the script call that allows you to restart the convoy once the encounter is over ie. any remaining units will mount their respective vehicles and continue on their way.

    As always read the readMe in the archive for notes on how to implement the scripts in your own missions

    Due to the paucity of vehicles in the Alpha the scripts have only been tested with the available hunter and ifrit vehicles. They will also work for quad bikes just be aware that the convoy will travel more slowly and makes sure you do not put a quadbike as the final vehicle in the convoy (unless its a convoy of quads )

    Note the test mission contains the same camera scripts as the aerial taxi script above.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************************

    Let me know if you run into any probs.

    I think I'm done for the time being as due to the frequent update schedule of the alpha, scripts that work one day don't work the next and I think it is better to wait until at-least the beta arrives before I waste too much more time playing catch-up with the changes.

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    Woohoo !! Excellent news mate. This revive is the mainstay of all my missions

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    im gonna try and see if it's as good as it used too be =)
    and thumbs up for the convoy script!


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    Nice script, I even got a bonus life for reviving

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    Thx norrin
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    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

    Visit | Visit

    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Awesome! Will test it now!
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    Script is a really good start. The troops roll on the back and front a little too much, but I like what I'm seeing Keep up the good work mate, and thanks for the release! Good to see you are still with us for Arma3 !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kremator View Post
    Script is a really good start. The troops roll on the back and front a little too much, but I like what I'm seeing
    Good to hear that you haven't run into anything too significant yet. To be honest I was thinking the same thing regarding the rolling around, will try and find a better way to do this but for the time being I may just slow it down a bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kremator View Post
    Good to see you are still with us for Arma3 !
    Got no where else to go

    @esham - all that sort of stuff is configurable in the revive_init.sqf - have a look in the readMe document there's heaps of features you can switch on and off.

    Thanks Foxhound and I've said it before but always nice to see your smiling avatar Jman!

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    Nice to see this Back for sure !

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