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Thread: AlphaSounds

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    Footsteps, gear and some ambient sounds for Alpha version.

    How to install:

    1. Set your speakers / headsets volume to the "normal" volume you use to play other games or listen to music. That should be around 40-60%.
    2. Edit you audio settings, make sure the "sound effects" volume is close to default value, somewhere around 80%.
    3. Install the mod like any other mod, copy the "@AlphaSound" folder in ArmA 3 folder (mine is "G:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3").
    4. Click on ArmA game properties on Steam and add this to the command line (startup parameters): " -mod=@AlphaSounds;", then launch the game. Or you can start Steam in background then create a shortcut to ArmA3.exe where you can add that to the start command line.
    5. Enter the game, tune up the sounds, you need to hear the ambient "buzz" as a "natural" background noise, not disturbing, not the wind, barely hearable, until you have the feeling of space "depth".
    For server side you need to use PlayWithSix (check for the last version)

    Download AlphaSounds 1.04

    Changes log

    Version 1.04:
    - footsteps and gear adapted to the new Alpha version (+0.60);

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    Do you mind noting down some key differences in your mod from the standard? just as a 'selling' point to people interested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow398 View Post
    Do you mind noting down some key differences in your mod from the standard? just as a 'selling' point to people interested?
    isnt point 5 answering your question?

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    Make a video showing the differences. Simple as that. Give people a reason to want to download your addon. Because, quite frankly, your soundmod could be just that great, or what you're saying could be a load of bull. From what you've said, sounds like you simply adjusted how loud or soft sounds were.

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    Or, people could just as simply download the mod and try it out for themselves, regardless of what he did to volumn adjustments or additions to the pbo file???

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    Indeed, its easier to install and check. I made a video too, see the first post.
    Some sounds still get too loud when you change sound effects volume but I guess its better to hear everything then not to hear some sounds.
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    I would like to know the differences in detail too.

    I noticed from the vid: louder ambient sounds, and gear sound that wasnt there. the rest I have already in my standard game.

    I wanna know what changed cause I wanna cross check it, so you can check for errors, and dont get surprised in Operations etc. Its not a shame if you didnt change much, just tell exactly what..

    edit: I made a comparison video of the INF Showcase.

    1st 5-6 Minute Part with mode
    2nd 5-6 Minute Part standard

    I like the new gearsound. While playing though it felt like in standard mode, rifles etc felt more powerful, impact noises where closer and felt more dangerous.

    edit: this was recorded with the "Old" @AlphaSounds and Volumefx=12 method.
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    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Thank you, FoxHound. In the meantime I think I've found what the problem with the sound is, I think the "volume" parameter of sound effects doesn't count and only matter the "hearing distance" parameter. Need some other confirmations tho, if so, its an easy to fix bug for the devs too. Based on this I released a new version without the need to tune up all sounds too loud, check the new "install" procedure, you only have to put "sound effects" on default. Updated first post with the new procedure and the new download link.
    EDIT: tremanarch, not much changes indeed, added some footsteps set and gear sounds and tweaked some the existing sounds a bit. You can unpack the .pbo file and see the changes yourself in .cpp file. I wanted to make sure there is a balance of audible sounds to improve a bit the athmosphere in game. Untill now, I had to keep the effects volume too low because the gunshots were too loud and I couldn't hear the footsteps.
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    Hi, it is my first message on this forum =)
    Sorry for my English i'm French and i have learn this Language myself.

    Hi Afp and thanks for this beautiful mods, its nice but like someone say on the youtube video the walking sound are not realistic.
    I actually own a ghillie suit, a real military one, and some equipment like military boot, tactical vest, holster with airsoft M9, SR-25 sniper fully equipped who are also a nice airsoft replica, etc etc...

    If you want, i probably can this afternoon recording myself walking and running with all my equipment, i have a nice camera (Panasonic HDC-SD80).
    So if it stop to raining, i will be able to record you some nature sound (in case of) and walking with gear on road, grass and stone path, a highway was a little close but with several times i think i can get a good sound in video and also do it inside a tunnel with nice resonance.

    So if you want this just told me some instructions, for example if the feet speed don't count (you can editing it) or if i have to be synchro with the ingame sound.

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