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Thread: Samaels Table - small addon made by my 6 year old son

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    Talking Samaels Table - small addon made by my 6 year old son

    Hello everyone,

    i don't know if you knew it but i have a son, Samael, which is 6 year old. He is always interested when i'm playing ArmA 2 and also when i'm working on making addons. So i get a lot of questions asked "what do you do, how does this work.." etc.

    So i thought best way to explain is work with him to create an addon from scratch, explain how things are done, what he can do, how he can do and so on. We did the modelling together aswell as the textures...means, he worked on them and i assisted to fill the knowledge gaps. The result was a table. Please note that Sam had the control and i was just standing next to him to tell him what he can do next.

    So this is his work, his addon. And he insisted to release it to the public, so here it is, Samaels Table:

    As you see, it is as simple as it can be. It has one resolution LOD, Shadow LOD, Geometry and Fire Geometry LOD. Also proper normal and specular maps.

    My son would feel honoured if you could be bothered to take a look at it and leave a nice commentary. I would appreciate it aswell, of course.

    Download: Samaels Table

    Samaels Table

    As you see, i'm working hard to get the next generation of ArmA players and Modders prepared.

    Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun:
    also featured on Kotaku:
    and also on rebelgamer (german):

    Also available on SixNetwork:
    Samael's Table on SIX Network
    Thanks Paragraphic I


    Sam was/is very proud of the feedback he got for his first table and was very eager to create another one. To be honest, i wasn't sure if we should publish it as i don't want to overstress your patience and goodwill. But good luck to explain this to a 6 year old enthusiastic boy.

    So, while the first table was more to get the very basics, this time we dived more into the details. The shape has become more complex and also the normal mapping has got more attention. The shape finding and ideas on how it should look like was a close cooperation between us both, each of us throwing ideas in the pot and see what works and what not. But Sam always had the final word. Personnally i would have prefered a 8-edged table but Sam insisted on a 7-edged.

    Also this time, Sam wrote the additinal config stuff by himself, learning the mighty ctrl+c/ctrl+v magic.

    So here it is: Samaels Table 2



    Forgot to say: this pbo replaces the previous as it contains both tables.
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    Good start + congratulations Samael! Now we need chairs and somthing new around and maybe on the table (eastereggs?)... btw Samael could you ask your daddy for an last + final update of his F-16's and weapon/missile pack? Would be bad if he teaches you to leave a job unfinished and undone....

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    WoW excellent work Samael,
    Looks better than the ones in game.
    It is way better than I can do and I'm waaaaay older than 6yrs, a bright future ahead of you lies,
    Keep the faith

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    Glad to see you involving your son with your hobby

    My dad would just crack a beer bottle over my head and tell me to shut the bleep up!

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    Hey Samael (& Myke),

    This is exactly what makes this community so awesome and this should be a part of arma 3's legacy. So I would like to ask for your permission to host this on SIX Networks and have it accessible to everyone via our tools.

    *We will soon have pages for all the content authors to host and manage their own content and thus will give total control when we have this implemented. This would be a great start for young Samael to host his collection of all future creations he will most certainly be making.

    Here you go, our mirror:

    Samael's Table on SIX Network
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    Author of the Thread

    thank you for your very kind & warm comments, Samael really appreciated it and he almost fell over of sheer pride.


    please stay on topic, will ya?

    @paragraphic I

    Permission granted and Samael feels extremely honoured.

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    Hi Samael, congratulations on releasing your first Arma add-on. It's looking really cool, especially the added detail of the colored markers on the surface (which even appear raised due to the advanced use of materials!). Keep it up, we look forward to your add-ons for Arma 3
    Bohemia Interactive
    Arma 3 - Project Lead
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    Take On Helicopters - Project Lead
    Take On Noisecontrollers!

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    well done Samael.
    Now I feel bad because a 6 year old kid can do modding, and I can't... lol

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    Thanks for the really nice and encouraging comments.

    Samaels Table now on Rock Paper Shotgun.

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    Where's Foxhound ? this awesome table should be released on the Armaholic homepage, keep up the good work Samael!

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