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Thread: Arma II and Operation Arrowhead Islands successfully imported

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    Arma II and Operation Arrowhead Islands successfully imported

    I've just about finished importing the older islands, complete with the new sky, HDR lighting, and NO pop-up errors or .rpt errors. The main caveat is that I won't be even attempting to import the old soldiers, weapons or vehicles. The basic logic behind this is that you cannot simply import an A2 vehicle to A3 in a 1:1 manner. It requires a huge re-write of the config, and there is a very good chance that BIS will be doing it for us at some point anyways. But the good news is that you should be able to run an island designed for A2 without error (I actually did this to use wgl_palms). I'll try to include an addon that applies the new lighting and sky to old maps, as currently they will use their original lighting unless (easily) modified. Some might prefer the original lighting so I'll make it optional.

    What I had to do:
    Added a bunch of dummy cfgPatch entries for deleted pbos. No requiredAddOn errors
    Removed a few hundred stringtable entries that were duplicates of A3 ones
    Modified the faction and vehicleclass of a few warfare buildings
    Privatized some public units, mostly from water2.pbo so I could use the LHD in Utes without errors
    New sounds.pbo, A2 and OA only needed 3 sound files from the original

    What needs to be done
    Fix a .rpt error where it generates a long list of missing bones in OFP2Skeleton, probably from a vehicle cargo animation
    Add new ambient life to the islands. The original animals aren't there anymore so I'll rebuild that with A3 critters and fish
    I would like to try importing the A2 animals. I had a vision of ragdoll cows and satchel charges.
    fix the intro missions so they don't use missing addons "can not play due to missing addon" message
    update the streetlamps, they currently look like they did in A2 (no flares)

    Well it does need a little more work, but currently you can start A3, load up an A2 map, make a mission, and play it without any pop up warnings or messed up UI. I was impressed that the older islands don't look dated at all, they look awesome in the new lighting and moving through some of the bigger buildings (like Devil's Castle) is really smooth with the new controls!

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    This is about 50 kinds of awesome. Since my first try of the new engine in A3 I've been insanely keen to revisit some of the content from A2 and OA! I then keep having visions of being able to use the version of Cherno from the DayZ standalone...

    Great work!!!!

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    This is great! Been hoping for a maps only port. Love the idea of playing on Takistan with the new stance system. Thanks for putting the time into this. I'll be watching eagerly!

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    WOW. This is extremely cool! Arma 3 is slowly becoming playable, even before the release! Thanks to the most awesome community in the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjr.Hassle View Post
    This is great! Been hoping for a maps only port. Love the idea of playing on Takistan with the new stance system. Thanks for putting the time into this. I'll be watching eagerly!
    Took the words right out of my mouth. I love the Takistan maps and A3's movement. Can't wait!

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    I'd like to see Takistan sometime soon! Love this good long awaited news!


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    Just thought I would throw some pics in before I go to bed. The new A3 shadows just kick ass.

    Chernarus @ 12000 view distance

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    The maps look amazing with the new lighting engine in ARMA 3!

    Are these islands considered "New Maps" or will we have to do some kind of synchronization between our ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 files?

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    @sakura chan,

    This is fantastic mate, very impressive.
    Does this mean you will be supplying this as an addon, or giving us mere mortals instructions exactly as how to do this in noob language?

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