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Thread: SweetFX in Arma 3

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    I've tried using this sweetfx from here However it doesn't seems to work, pressing F12 doesn't do anything. It's set to F12 to toggle in injector.cfg.

    I put the files in the main Arma3 directory.

    Any tips?

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    you cant use fraps at the same time... maybe you have some other injection stuff going on too --

    the sharpen effect for distant trees i dont like. and the removal of the green colour is sometimes nice but sometimes too bright. original is still good! I can live without sweetFX and I probably will do in the future - its just to show what could be possible, and maybe if I wanna take some artistic screenshots. I also consider it as a bit of cheating cause it sharpens and makes it easier for the eye to spot soldiers in the bushes and far.. Think of it as taking drugs / coffeine / etc - sameish effect.

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    Thanks for the shots tre.

    I like the settings of your second screenshot pack.
    It is way more subtle than your first screenshots and your last.
    Or are you were using the same sweetfx settings for all images?

    Can you provide me a link with your sweetfx settings of that second screenshot pack? I'd like to try that out.
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    yes theyre changed - i toned them down I tried to make the difference only subtle - wanted to get rid of the greenish vanilla teint - and even these are a bit too sharp in the far distance for my tastes.

    of course I can provide the settings - its a pleasure:

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    Ah closing Fraps made it work, thanks. I think I'll try and make my own profile.

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    Thanks for the shots tremanarch, using SweetFX atm on A2 so glad to hear it's fine to use in A3

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    I made some Benchmarks on Standard and Very High Settings - and All I can say with my Preset it doesnt matter all that much in frames.. 4100 - 4200 and 5300 - 5200 in Score using Arma3Mark....

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    Alrighty, so I spent 15 minutes fiddling with this until I got something that worked half decently. Artificially increased the contrast by brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows. I tried to capture a bit more of that "Mediterranean island" feel, so there's a bit of cyan in the highlights.

    There's also a hint of sharpening, and, yeah, I'm guilty of liking vignette. That can easily be disabled, but I could also upload a version without it if you so desire.

    Here's an album of examples:

    And here's a link to the settings:

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    It seems my Sweet FX doesnt refresh when I alt+tab my game....

    This makes it very hard to adjust the options=/...

    Any solution for this?
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    I Guess it was a High Altitude Low Ohh Crap wheres my parachute jump then.
    I strongly recommend everybody to use SweetFX to increase their visual Arma 3 experience! It improved my visual a lot! Example

    Help improving the Midrange_textures!

    An easy way to improve the animations far more!

    Thermals and how they should really be

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    press [Pause] to refresh
    [Printscreen] do Screenshot

    and [Scrollock] to deactivate / activate

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