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Thread: [Multiplayer] ArmA 3 Stratis Life [W.I.P / Release this weekend]

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    [Multiplayer] ArmA 3 Stratis Life [Released / Frequent updates]

    - Image by Ezcoo

    I would like to refer you guys to our new life mission: ArmA 3 Life. Made entirely from scratch. Stratis life is no longer developed by us.

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    We're gonna test our mission in a few hours. If anyone still wants to join, join our TeamSpeak with the following IP and wait in the Stratis Life waiting room: R-gaming.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by k00lkid View Post
    What's the TS?
    Just put this in server address:

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    Mar 22 2013
    Starting in about 30 minutes, everybody that wants to check it, join our TS!

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    When the server will be up?
    I have played yesterday for an hour or so. Cant wait to play again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlit View Post
    When the server will be up?
    I have played yesterday for an hour or so. Cant wait to play again.
    We have our dedicated on now 24/4 hosting this mission. Due to hackers we need people to join our teamspeak: R-gaming.com and get the password.

    We're currently on version 0.3. If you are a server admin and want to host our mission you can download this mission at:

    I will keep updating the mission on a regular basis so make sure to watch this thread for progress and future progress!

    Also if you find any bugs or glitches you can either PM me on our teamspeak or just leave a message here. Suggestions can be posted here aswell.
    Thank you and have fun!
    Caiden & Zannaza.
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    Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to see life server on arma 3

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    Awesome, I love that you are releasing everything as life servers always seem to be competitive against each other and at times attack each. It is refreshing to see this! Great work.
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    I might be interested in helping in development, my steam is sl8_slick .

    I'll be checking on the teamspeak later.

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