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Thread: Deadfast's Third Person View for ARMA 3

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    Deadfast's Third Person View for ARMA 3

    Deadfast's Third Person View
    Adjust the third person camera for infantry to your liking

    MP Compatible: Yes, client side
    Signed: Yes, presets only, key here

    Bored of the standard third person view you get for infantry by default? Would you rather have it over-the-shoulder style? Or perhaps even top-down view if you're feeling nostalgic?
    No problem, you can adjust the camera position to whatever you desire! And unlike the previous ARMA 2 version, this one has a working crosshair as well!

    There are several presets available, all of which are signed. You can use those online on servers that accept the DFS key. If you can't find one that you fancy you can create your own camera offset, though that one will not be signed. But you can always post it here alongside a screenshot and if it doesn't hurt fair play I might sign it and include it in the next release

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    • Offsets:
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    Perfect! Thanks a million.
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    Perfect addon, was always tired of my character blocking my view, also gives a tighter dynamic feel
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    Looks nice mate. Good work.

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    I use this in A2, great little addon.

    Thanks for the A3 version..

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    Good to see it in A3. Thanks!

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    Deadfast, I have encountered a problem

    When I customize my 3rd person angle, the automatic indoor camera repositioning breaks. I'm talking about when you move back up to a wall and it automatically zooms in, this is not happening. My zoom is clipping through the walls behind me.

    You probably know what I'm talking about, but if you don't I can make a quick video demonstration some time tomorrow. Is this something you'll be able to fix via the pbo, or is it something that will have to go into the feedback tracker?

    I was so happy to see you put this out today too because the default 3rd person for A3 is WAY too far zoomed out.

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    On a positive note:

    I call it "The Fast and the Dead"

    It's slightly more zoomed in, higher, and not as much offset to the left as yours.

    #define __offsetX 0.3
    #define __offsetY 0
    #define __offsetZ -1.2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarden View Post
    neat little one
    Does it mean that the default 3rd person view will be changed (without the need of an addon)?
    Or at least an option to configure it to your likes? E.g. defining the side the camera is positioned and the default zoom factor...

    Edit: Nice work of course, Deadfast. But to have such a thing in the vanilla version would be even better
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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