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Thread: US Navy SEAL DEVGRU A3 Alpha

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    US Navy SEAL DEVGRU A3 Alpha

    by massi


    ALPHA 0.3

    Hi all,

    As announced with the release of my Italian Special Operation for Arma3 Alpha, I’m releasing this addon which is A3 NATO soldier retexture meant to represent US Navy SEALs DEVGRU units in A3Alpha.
    It contains 4 set of heavy gear units and light gear units (recon) in 4 different camouflage that cover pretty much all the environments: AOR1, AOR2, multicam and grey coverall suite.

    The units have their own uniform in 4 camo, gear in multicam and coyote tan and headset with tan helmets and caps items to make them interchangeable, they also come with 2 weapon boxes with all weapons, gear and uniform in use, and divers have thir backpack with uniform, gear and helmet inside.

    This is an Alpha version, hope you’ll enjoy it !

    This addon is a retexture of NATO units, It adds several camouflage uniforms plus multicam gear and coyote helmets in order to represent SEALs DEVGRU units in following camo :
    - AOR2: for temperate and wooden areas.

    - AOR1: for arid and desert environments.

    - MULTICAM: operators in BIS multicam camo for every kind of environment from desert to temperate and wooden


    - GREY COVERALL: for CQB and naval operations.
    I used web sources for them.


    - The pack includes heavy gear units and light gear "recon units" for all the camo.

    - Units have their own uniform items in all camo to make them interchangeable.

    - Units have also their multicam, AOR1, AOR2 and coyote tan plate carriers, belts, chest rig, bandoleers and

    multicam, AOR1, AOR2 and coyote tan helmets as items.

    - Divers have their backpack with uniform, chest rig and helmet inside already to make them change clothes once

    ashore, plus their normal stuff.

    - There are 2 weapon boxes one contain all weapons ammo and items, the other contains all the uniforms (20

    each), gears (10 each), and headgear (10 each), you can place them in missions to quick configure your loadout.

    - Groups in the editor.

    - Classnames inside the zip folder
    Put the addon in "mod folder" of your preference and load it trough steam app properties:
    US Navy SEALs - DEVGRU (sorted by camo)
    Same for groups:
    US Navy SEALs - DEVGRU (sorted by types)

    Arma3 Alpha

    v Alpha.03 date 18/MAR/2013

    - reworked textures

    - added my multicam textures

    - added AOR1 and AOR2 gear and helmets

    - reworked ammoboxes loadout (more gear)


    v Alpha.02 date 14/MAR/2013

    - removed unused models

    - added multicam helmets

    - added multicam\coyote caps

    - added GPS to all units

    - added 160th SOAR pilot with coyote tan suite

    - green cbt shirt AOR2

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    v Alpha.01 date 10/MAR/2013
    - first release
    No problems found so far.

    DL LINK ALPHA 0.3:




    Thanks to BI for the great Arma3Alpha and to all the community for their great support and addons!
    Thanks to all the people that enjoied my previous units and supported me in the forum!

    Hope you'll enjoy these units too!

    Best Regards
    Last edited by massi; Mar 19 2013 at 11:13.

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    hehe how's he going to flip the nvg down the brim of the cap

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    Another great addon massi .

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    I also uploaded 2 PNG files one is standard BI multicam texture the other is the nohq files desaturated wich I used to overlay my textures in photoshop.
    That's because i don't use psd usually, anyway with those 2 files you can make your own psd, as requested by R0adki11 .

    Inside there's also the config I used for my units so anyone can use as reference if needed.
    NOTE : hiddenselections are working, but as soon as it is an alpha I preferred to keep the models inside the pack anyway.

    files: http://www.mediafire.com/?3qcl9zf2ib1majn


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    Pretty awesome, just need those helmets and vest changed up a little

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    These are purty smexy, my friend!

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    Massi, we need a woodland camo top and bottom, and a khaki flight suit! And a mixture of AOR1 and woodland and the same for the AOR2/Desert camo. Similar to what TF86 did.

    Looking great!

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    Probably in next release !

    thanks for the advices!


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    Thanks for sending us the release mate

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

    Last edited by Foxhound; Mar 18 2013 at 22:53.
    Visit Armaholic.com | Visit Carriercommandaholic.com

    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    These are just retextures, arent't they?

    Edit: yes they are never mind.
    Ill pass

    Edit 2: Since people interpret this comment wrong;
    keep up the work and keep on creating content. Making mods for a community is always good, no matter what it is you make.
    Last edited by ltsThomas; Mar 11 2013 at 11:13.

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