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Thread: Proving Ground for ArmA 3

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    Proving Ground for ArmA 3

    My old training/debug mission, ported to ArmA3


    More screenshots

    Button description
    • Create vehicle. There is two options - create vehicle at core (helipad) and create vehicle front of player.
    • Get weapon. Give to player any weapon, magazine or item.
    • Targets. Target management.
    • Realign core. Core will be moved at current player position.
    • Delete vehicle. This command will delete vehicle/unit that player looking for.
    • Get bot in team. Command will create man in your team. For example if you need gunner for chopper.
    • Statistics. Proving ground will collect information about shots, kills, hits and calculate accuracy. Check yourself =)
    • Close. It is.
    • Autoheal. Player and player's vehicle will be constantly healed.
    • Booster. For 10 second by pressing E you can immediately increase speed by 30km/h. Could be useful while you moving in tank to mountain.
    • Teleport. Press this button and after it click on target place on map to teleport.
    • Sattelite. Press this button and click on target place on map to aim sattelite camera.
    • Bulletcam. It is.
    • Hitmarker. Where player's bulled will hit something will be plased red marker on map.
    • Status display. Toggle hint-like status window that shows class, damage and crew status of cursortarget. By default on.
    • Console. Press enter to execute command, double click on command in history to past it to editbox.
    • Righter is shortcuts to call additional features.

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    noticed some things are not able to be added to player under create weapon/item in the PvG menue. scopes & silencers, medikit and tool kit, and recon and flight uniforms.

    *NOTE* I have not modified any data

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    Hey conKORD, this is very cool thanks, i also noticed im unable to (or dont know how) to add some items like scope etc, some things work like changing headgear.

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    This training mission deserves a bump --lots of useful features.

    Well done.

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    This mission is verry useful!

    Thank you conKORD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katipo66 View Post
    Hey conKORD, this is very cool thanks, i also noticed im unable to (or dont know how) to add some items like scope etc, some things work like changing headgear.
    I am not sure, but looks like not every attachment can be mounted on weapon, same with outfit.

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    Proving ground a3 v2
    [!] Compatible with beta
    [!] Fixed weapon filters
    [+] Add 2 new filter for wear and weapon attachment
    [+] Wear can be weared, weapon attachment can be added to inventory
    [!] Fixed vehicle filters
    [!] Fixed MP commnds in console
    [!] Proving Ground again available as addon


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    Cool, i have always used this mission to test stuff on arma2

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    Referencing this incase you miss it
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzi8n View Post
    Ok so this was brought to my attention after playing a few domination games. I've found that if you have mobile proving ground installed (an arma mod) you can access and use it just like you can via singleplayer. I myself sadly used the mod in servers the way I shouldn't have causing a bit of corruption so for the players I'd like to say sorry and I won't be doing it again. But to everyone who owns a server: MAKE SURE YOU BLOCK ANYONE WITH MOBILE PROVING GROUND TO NOT ENTER YOUR SERVERS!!! This is also possible to do with both the Arma 3 and Arma 2 versions of mobile proving ground. I hope my mistake and me fixing it by telling everyone what I did and by telling everyone how to stop it will help return servers to normalcy. Again I'm sorry for my mistake but I hope to fix it by telling you how to prevent it.

    Also: Don't see this message and go try for yourself unless it's your own server, don't fuck up someone else's server like I did.
    Though this may only be fixable by server admins.

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    Thanks a lot for this convenient tool, Mr.conKORD. It's a must have since arma2oa.
    By the way, could you disable the status show as the default setting?

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