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Thread: How to change between stable Arma 3 Alpha versions & release candidates @STEAM client

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    Steam Guide - Opt Into the Development Build

    NOTE: Using the development version of the game could hamper your experience with the game, with some unfinished assets available. However, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Feedback can be submitted at

    Want to be apart of the ArmA 3 development builds? Follow these 5 simple steps:

    1) Open Steam and go to your game library
    2) Right click on ArmA 3 Alpha, click Properties
    3) Click on the BETAS tab
    4) Click on the drop down menu, choose development - Development Build
    5) Click Close

    Congratulations, you are now in the development build of the ArmA 3 alpha!

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    Thank you for this! Had no idea!
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    Greatly appreciated. I'm new to steam and quite baffled by it, so any guide is well welcome

    Ps- Would you happen to know how to send somebody the alpha invitation? Once they go green there will be many to circle around and I imagine I can't be the only one whos got no clue whatsoever
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    Or try to look into the game directory for arma3_quick-start_guide.pdf - it is going to be set as a game manual soon(Valve-time)
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    Thanks pettka, I didn't even notice the PDF in the directory. Added some information from the PDF into the first post.
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    Great info - thanks

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    Can someone explain what this is exactly? Does this mean we are pushed updates and patches as soon as they come out?

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    can you revert back anytime?

    didntz work btw. the game crashes at start.. steam didnt download sth. when I checked the dev build
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    This method leaves much to be desired. Before this Steam DRM, we could concurrently run development versions and "stable" versions. This appears to replace the original version because Steam does not have a robust update system because they wish to forcibly ram updates down your throat!

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