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Thread: co_22 Seize ground insurgency style (enemy occupation)

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    co_22 Seize ground ins occupation v1.6 release

    CO_30 SG Occupation v1_9

    Insurgency style cache hunt map with integrated side objectives. Enemy locations to secure, helicopter reinforcements to neutralize, minefields to disarm, and enemy/ally equipment to hijack.

    With thanks to =LP= (=Marsoc=), and the Marsoc crew for helping me with the new more server friendly spawn code, proper corpse/wreck (group & unit) cleanup, and helping me test things out(lots of server restarts and editing).

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.

    Change Log

    v1_9b changes
    -removed the brighter red color for activated grids
    -changed some text
    -altered spawn triggers (patrols spawn when flying over,seperated/added more triggers in larger towns with smaller activation radius for more closer encounters,military areas spawn when flying over, reduced radius of some of the smaller area's spawn triggers)
    -moved initial a.i spawn to the northern island so people don't see them spawn in the open and then tele into buildings
    -"fixed" the airbase/rogain cap/secure notification/task complete(may just remove non cache tasks)

    -fixed zones
    -disabled random weather
    -enemy helis
    -more task info
    -added panthers/more unmanned vehicles for ad-hoc transportation on the battlefield
    -replaced old mine locations with random vehicle patrols(plan to add in more spawn locations and tether to roads better)
    -added in basic teleport feature from base to helipads, and triggers for moving teleport markers to the airbase/rogain when they are secured(needs more work/markers will move back to base when area isn't secure)
    -added in 5man recon team bringing the unaltered version up to 30man(planning a "Palerider" edition with a limited supplies main base on pythos, a.i support via mortars,heli reinforcements,air taxi, etc, tethered to a "palerider" jtac class for solo or multiplay)
    -added in a portion of the bases fobs by blitzer and enhanced stratis by voodoo and populated (red squares with no visable buildings on the map)
    -altered the tower/heli reinforcement neutralization a bit. trans/com towers will cause a 30 min knockout radar towers a 1 hour ko. with destroying all 3 radar domes to completely neutralize enemy heli reinforcements
    -added in more heli reinforcement teams/altered their behavior to strictly land and hopefully fly off into the wild blue yonder

    v1.6 hotfix
    -Updated headcam script (L alt + numpad * to disable cam)
    -Fixed revive error (I had changed the map marker info when a unit is down incorrectly)
    -Took out the "if is server then" in the spawn barrier script (hopefully fixes it)
    -Enabled TPWlos
    -Fixed Bob's name (Sorry Bob!)

    -Updated VAS system
    -Updated BTC revive
    -Added random time of day on startup
    -Added TPWcas
    -Added dynamic house lighting
    -Added helmcam system *requires tactical glasses to use* (toggle between groupmate's with proper headgear *ECH or ECH painted* using numpad * )
    -Added random enemy boat spawns along western coastline & sabotage script for neutralizing them
    -Added bouys in larger harbor areas
    -Added diver corpsman
    -MHQ now respawns with VAS
    -Remodeled base (moved service area, ammo crates, added helipads, added/adjusted markers)
    -Added R3F logistics (limited to barrier transport in unarmed hunter mraps)
    -Added in transportable barrier construction zones

    -Dynamic weather effects
    -SHK building pos script (A.i now indoors)
    -Text notification in service area (to help with the confusion)
    -Dumbed down a.i(still haxy)
    -Upgraded anti-nade system(no put or nade)
    -Grounded a.i spawns (no more spawning half the map flying over)

    -VAS(Virtual Ammo System)
    -AG(Anti Nade @ Base)
    -Xreload(Vehicle/Air service stations)
    -Longer abandoned Vehicle respawn timers
    -Aircraft Pilot Restriction(still buggy)
    -Land mines changed to m6 slams
    -Enemy reinforcement locations(indicated by orange circles*changes red when active/blue when inactive*) that spawn fireteams on a 10min timer when active and blufor isn't nearby.
    -Changed color of naval tiles for less(or more) confusion(will turn red when mines/divers are present. girna tile buggy due to land portion)
    -Swapped out two riflemen for explosives experts
    -Made the base more resilient to base troll dmg
    -added in tasks
    -enemy vehicles spawn nearby supply dump locations
    -civilians in larger pop areas
    -civilian cars for alternate transportation

    -Rebuilt the base and moved aircraft to the spartan.
    -Added in a base marker.
    -Added minefields/enemy supply dumps/randomized a couple vehicle spawns for the occupation version.
    -Included kylania's spawn script version and Zorrobyte's version(UPS version)

    v1.2 Hotfix
    -added corpse/wreck auto cleanup
    -helicopters restricted to pilots

    -updated with sea targets and possibly vehicles(untested)
    -helicopters restricted to pilots

    *warning* initial map spawns (activating every area on the map) hit's the max group limit of (185?) and breaks spawn triggers.*


    SG occupation v1_9b *non dev*
    v1_9b *non dev*

    SG occupation v1_9bdev

    SG occupation v1_9bdeva *acre enabled version (with boxes and minor updates **teleport feature on mhq, notification of enemy near base**)

    Armaholic 1_9b mirror:
    - [ALPHA] Seize ground Occupation Co-30

    Basic Insurgency inspired map(s) (occupied buildings soon!) with minefield ambush encounters, enemy supply drop targets, water minefield targets, general features (respawn w/gear,revive,no nade in base,copters pilot only,vas gear system,ambient radio,weather,etc)
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    Backpacks are still missing
    DisableAI = 1;
    I will test the Mission on my dedicated Server

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    updated the download! Added in backpacks, disabled ai for dedicated, and added a few more red zones. Also removed the bis defend function from the enemy troops, and they seem to be making a b-line for the main base less often/reacting to their surroundings better now.

    *update* fixed a few blooper sites, and added in 7 naval targets along the western coastline. Contemplating adding in a couple patrols in the open areas central island, and some more naval targets on the eastern coast. v1.1release

    also added in an armaholic mirror courtesy of Big!
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    version 1.2 released. Added some hold waypoints for the enemy troops, lowered the water mine amount, and added a service station near the base for vehicles.

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    Unofficial update,
    Replaced murkspawn with UPSMON (murkspawn was crashing with 44 players). Put in vehicle respawn, crates, anti nade at base.

    May be laggy on older PCs, adjust "MIN:",3,"MAX:",6 *min to max unit cloning amount* (eg. "MIN:",3,"MAX:",6 -> "MIN:",0,"MAX:",2)
    Civvie slot is for HC/Spectator, ignore for now

    Update/fix mission init message
    Add briefing/instructions
    Norrin revive (fully ported, just need to add & test)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpcom View Post
    Ammobox not Working
    my version 1.2 or zorro's v.01?

    posted a revamped version of the mission. using kylania's spawn script with no re-spawning a.i atm. Added in random road mines with roadside ambushes (could be some funky locations needs tested). 5 enemy "ammo dump" locations randomly located for neutralizing. Will update with enemy vehicle spawns, and random scuba mine/diver encounters in the bays(sea tiles currently empty). Need to hunt down some more classnames (wait for someone to find em, post em, and find the post).

    hotfixed some things in the revamp and updated the dl file. re-positioned the ammo crates, fixed a broken trigger, and changed the a.i default to CBA_fnc_taskdefend instead of patrol (hopefully works with the cba_a3 addon). Still no dice on vehicle or scuba classnames. Off to continue the search!
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    Thx for theese missions really like them - looking forward to revive.
    I have 1 question and 1 suggestion.
    My question are that view-distance seems to be stuck at around 2000m - why ?

    Suggestion: When i host this mission biggest problem are people planting c4 in spawn/base.
    Can there be some protection against this (maybe like in domo/a2 - kick for planting c4 in base, and maybe
    a no shoot area there too.
    Play pc:
    I7 4790K@4.6GHz
    2 x Nvidia gtx780-SLI
    Intel 160gb + 250gb ssd
    16gb DDR3 2400MHz ram
    win7 64
    Dedi Server: (
    I7 4770K@4.3GHz
    Intel 250gb ssd sata3
    16gb DDR3 2100MHz ram
    win7 64

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    Don't know what's up with the view distance. Will look into it.

    Added in anti nade and respawn with same weaps/gear for both missions. updated dl links! lookin into revive(if it's not active from the weaps/gear respawn script) and anti c4 @ base.

    there's alot of buggy stuff when hosting as client. Don't know about dedicated!

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    One gamebreaker bug - ammoboxes after destroyed dont refill.
    Repro - take 1 c4 - plant beside box - whole base gets destroyed.
    After ammoboxes respawn - they are empty.

    By the way - i host dedicated (-server)

    Edit: Another thing - now that in arma3 that fire hurts - it might
    not be wise to place vehicles/choppers close together - if one
    catches fire, it wil start a never ending chain reaction of exploding
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