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Thread: Urban Patrol Script

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    Urban Patrol Script

    The "Urban Patrol Script" has been ported to A3, and is available on my site:

    Most of you will probably be familiar with it, but for the newcomers, here's what it does:

    It allows you to set up a quick mission in a couple of minutes, without having to worry about waypoints, scripts, or AI behaviour.

    All you need to do is place a marker over the area to be patrolled, put some OPFORs in the area, and have them call the patrol script. That's it...

    The script will take care of generating random movements, intelligent responses to enemy encounters, and notices when everybody's dead.

    It's a very easy and fun way to familiarize yourself with a new map, without having to spend hours making a mission that will only be predictable after a couple of runs.

    With this script every run will be totally random. And since you can set it up without even knowing the map too well, you will have a fairly realistic simulation of real-life scenarios, with unfamiliar environment and unpredictable enemy behavior.

    Yes, you won't be able to make a "deep", multi-subjective, and inter-dependent "save-the-world" mission with this, but for simulating normal day-to-day patrolling missions, and the unpredictability associated with it, it does the job quite nicely.

    Here's a rundown of the main features:
    • Setup Options
      • Patrol any "marker-designated" area with any unit or group, whether it's Infantry, Armored, Cars, Choppers, or even planes, using any side (east, west, resistance, civilians).
      • Several independent marker areas (for different units) can be used on the same map.
      • The start position of the units can be a random position anywhere in the active area - in that case some units may even end up on roofs.
      • You can create a random number of "clones" of a unit/group you placed in the active area.

    • AI Behavior
      • The AI will avoid "dangerous" areas, and react intelligently to attacks. If it sees a team-member being shot, or spots an enemy without themselves being detected, it will not continue on its regular path, but instead use a flanking approach to get to the shooter. The accuracy of the approach will depend on the "knowledge" the AI has about the shooter (i.e. whether the shooter was actually seen or only heard).(image)
      • If AI units get stuck (mostly due to bad pathfinding) they will try to free themselves after a while.
      • Units will make occasional stops of random lengths during their patrols.
      • When independent AI groups meet each other they will share their knowledge about any enemies they might have spotted.
      • By default units patrol in safe mode at limited speed, but they will switch to combat & full for a limited time when they encounter enemies.

    • "Intel" Options
      • An automatic trigger is generated for each area to announce when that section has been cleared of enemies. (image)
      • The units can be tracked via a dynamic marker on the map.

    Here's what the paths look like, after a car and an infantry unit have been patrolling a city for about 15 minutes:

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    Many thanks Kronzky!

    THE classic patrol script, back for a new generation


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    Thanks a lot. I love this script !

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    Kronsky, you are my hero. Thank you
    (God damn bananas..... again)

    Join the most rootin', tootin'est crew on these here forums! That's right folks we're darn tootin'.

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    Awesome! Thanks Kronsky!
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    Nice Job Kronsky!
    Question, did you fix the part of the script where the AI squads would gravitate and end up around the center of the marker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushlurker View Post
    Many thanks Kronzky!

    THE classic patrol script, back for a new generation

    Yeah, i sense the same ..

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    This is such a great script, Kronzky! Thanks for updating it.

    The only problem I've run into is when I use the "track" parameter. I get an error at the start of the mission that says: "No entry 'bin\config.bin\cfgmarkers.DOT'". I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's an UPSMON/Arma 3 issue.

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    a classic now in arma3! thanks

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    I have put UPS.sqf in My Documents\ArmA 3 Alpha Other Profiles\[profile name]\missions

    But when I have edited the map in editor and click preview, it says the script cannot be found. Also I can't see the demo mission even though I have put mission.sqm in that folder.

    This is my first time using this editor. Sorry if this is a noob question. Thanks.

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