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Thread: ArmA3 Classnames - no discussions

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    ArmA3 Classnames - no discussions

    Currently work in Progress...classnames are about to be added on and on


    WEST Units

    "B_soldier_AR_F"        Automatic Rifleman
    "B_soldier_exp_F"        Explosives Specialist
    "B_Soldier_GL_F"        Grenadier
    "B_Helipilot_F"            Helicopterpilot
    "B_soldier_M_F"            Machine Gunner
    "B_medic_F"            Medic
    "B_Soldier_F"            Rifleman
    "B_soldier_repair_F"        Repair Specialist
    "B_soldier_LAT_F"        Anti Tank
    "B_Soldier_SL_F"        Squad Leader
    "B_Soldier_lite_F"        Rifleman lite
    "B_Soldier_TL_F"        Teamleader

    EAST Units

    "O_Soldier_F"            Soldier East
    "O_Soldier_AR_F"        Automatic Rifleman
    "O_helipilot_F"            Helicopterpilot
    "O_soldier_exp_F"        Explosives Specialist
    "O_Soldier_GL_F"        Grenadier
    "O_soldier_M_F"            Machine Gunner
    "O_medic_F"            Medic
    "O_soldier_repair_F"        Repair Specialist
    "O_Soldier_LAT_F"        Anti Tank
    "O_Soldier_lite_F"        Rifleman Lite
    "O_Soldier_SL_F"        Squad Leader
    "O_Soldier_TL_F"        Teamleader

    CIV Units

    "C_man_1"            Civillian 
    "C_man_polo_1_F"        Civillian  1
    "C_man_polo_2_F"        Civillian  2
    "C_man_polo_3_F"        Civillian  3
    "C_man_polo_4_F"        Civillian  4
    "C_man_polo_5_F"        Civillian  5
    "C_man_polo_6_F"        Civillian  6        
    "C_man_1_1_F"            Commoner 1
    "C_man_1_2_F"            Commoner 2
    "C_man_1_3_F"            Commoner 3
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    Oh, sorry...I was searching for a probably available "classnames" fault

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    They have one going at armaholic too that you could get some from (I'm assuming that's allowed, sorry to waste your time if it's not for whatever reason)

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    pretty sure the specops divers are.


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    Assault Pack (Black)                                  B_AssaultPack_blk
    Assault Pack (Black) - Diver Team Leader      B_AssaultPack_blk_DiverTL
    Assault Pack (Black) - Diver Explosives         B_AssaultPack_blk_DiverExp
    Assault Pack (Coyote)                               B_AssaultPack_cbr
    Assault Pack (Digi)                                    B_AssaultPack_dgtl
    Assault Pack (Green)                                 B_AssaultPack_rgr
    Assault Pack (Green) - Engineer                  B_AssaultPack_rgr_Repair
    Assault Pack (Green) - Medic                      B_AssaultPack_rgr_Medic
    Assault Pack (Hex)                                    B_AssaultPack_ocamo
    Assault Pack (Khaki)                                  B_AssaultPack_khk
    Assault Pack (MTP)                                   B_AssaultPack_mcamo
    Assault Pack (Sage)                                  B_AssaultPack_sgg
    Bergen (Sage) - Explosives                         B_Bergen_sgg_Exp
    Bergen (Sage)                                          B_Bergen_sgg
    Carryall (Hex)                                           B_Carryall_ocamo
    Carryall (Urban)                                       B_Carryall_oucamo
    Carryall (Urban) - Explosives                       B_Carryall_oucamo_Exp
    Field Pack (Black)                                     B_FieldPack_blk
    Field Pack (Black) - Diver Team Leader         B_FieldPack_blk_DiverTL
    Field Pack (Black) - Diver Explosives             B_FieldPack_blk_DiverExp
    Field Pack (Coyote)                                  B_FieldPack_cbr
    Field Pack (Coyote) - Anti-Tank                 B_FieldPack_cbr_AT
    Field Pack (Coyote) - Engineer                   B_FieldPack_cbr_Repair
    Field Pack (Hex)                                      B_FieldPack_ocamo
    Field Pack (Hex) - Medic                           B_FieldPack_ocamo_Medic
    Field Pack (Urban)                                   B_FieldPack_oucamo
    Kitbag (Coyote)                                      B_Kitbag_cbr
    Kitbag (MTP)                                          B_Kitbag_mcamo
    Kitbag (Sage)                                         B_Kitbag_sgg
    Mk6Mortar                                             B_Mk6Mortar_Wpn
    Mk6Mortar Base-plate                               B_Mk6Mortar_Support
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sickboy View Post
    Hi MemphisBelle,

    Thanks for your efforts.

    There's a dynamic class list already available too:
    SCB FTW. Thank you Sickboy. Top work, as ever.
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    Has anyone the class names that do not show up within the editor already, such as guns and inventory stuff?

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    Appreciate it!

    In case any of you find visuals with the Class Names easier for each item.




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