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Thread: TeeTimes Warfare

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    TeeTimes Warfare

    I have created an Alpha Version of a Warfare/CTI map, because you cant test Arma without something similar to a CTI and simple TvT and DM isnt my way to play this game.


    TeeTime: Scripts
    garisat: Prices and Balancing
    Cthulhu: AI behaviour scripts

    DorsalRegent: Translation (English/German)
    Mariodu62: Translation(French)

    We are looking for:
    More Translators for other languages

    Currently implemented:
    - Mobile Base System
    -randome base positions
    -Vehicle shop (base and in every town)
    -Weapon shop
    -AI Shop
    -income System
    -AI Guards in Cities
    -AI supports City Capture
    -Mission is auto Restarting for runs without Admins/Hosts
    -Repair Station (Repair,Refuel,Reammo)
    -TK punishment
    -Parameterlist (Be carefull with the ViewDistance and the TerrainDetail Setting! It will influence the performance of all players!)
    -Money for AI Kills
    -Towns must be scouted
    -Headless Client Support
    -Town Protection against Townbases
    -AI Patrol Script
    -Gear will be saved over death
    -Strategic Mode

    Not implemented:
    - High Command

    Know Problems:

    I hope you will have some fun with this map and dont forget its an Beta similar to Arma III itself so report bugs and relaxe if you found one ;-)

    Current Version Number: 0.637

    (30 Player Mission): http://www.file-upload.net/download-...ratis.pbo.html

    alternative download link (may not be up to date): TeeTimes Warfare Map Folder on MEGA

    Keep your fingers away from the credits.txt! I dont want to find more moded versions with a empty credits file!

    How to change the mission languages:

    Here a short description how to add Addon Vehicles,Weapons etc into the mission:


    Have Fun
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    Bigger slots anytime soon? You seem to be the only warfare hoster right now.

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    Sep 3 2010
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    I will raise the Slot ammount soon, but i cant host mission with higher player ammounts yet. Thats the reason why i am posting this here maybe someoen with a strong server will start to host it.

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    Sep 3 2010
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    Respawn Problems and JIP Problems should be fixed now

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    Nice work, but it still need some fixes

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    Sep 3 2010
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    Mission updated and should now be able to run on dedicated Servers without making problems.

    Only know problem on dedicated servers is that sometimes player spawn at airfield after connecting, but a simple respawn will fix this.

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    Hmm, I've seen your missions in the server browser -- Will have to check out myself, as I'm desperately looking for a working PvP CTI mission.

    Benny has competition!!

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    Sep 3 2010
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    Mission Updatet:
    -Problem with Autorestart fixed (should now work more then 1 time)
    -Town added (Killing Farm)
    -Repair Station added in every Base (Repair,Refuel,Reammo for money)
    - + 2 Slots

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    Looking forward to A3 Warfare!!

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    My AI teammates are attacking me after I capture a base. Any idea why this is happening?

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