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Thread: Arma 3 Photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only NO comments!

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    Arma 3 Photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only NO comments!

    Remember, this is for Arma 3 user made screenshots only.
    As always, hotlinking images greater than 100kb is not allowed, and anyone breaking this rule will end up with their infraction level raised and the pictures removed.
    Also: Please, no discussion here about the screenshots.

    Alright, let's see them coming

    Do not post screenshots that give away any campaign or mission spoilers, doing so risks an immediate ban from the forums.

    All replies without an image will now be met with warning and then infraction increases, use the Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments thread!
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    Why I love the new PhysX!

    I did not even drive that fast.
    I just slowly climbed up that steep edge using the pipe.

    Click on the picture for a bigger version. Not the yellow border some might get.
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    Ima sad turtle..

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    Ima sad turtle..
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    ps hope size right this picture try
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    "Hmm... What's that?"

    "OH GOD!!!"

    Also, rag-lol.

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    Somthing in the little things that BI does that continue to blow me away
    Call911's ArmA Xtreme ( Hosting the ArmA Classic "Evolution")

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    Click for fullsize

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    system specs:

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    Not really sure how I pulled this off.

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