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Thread: ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

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    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    What is an ARG?

    ARG = Alternative Reality Game.

    It's a game the devs put out which mimics real life, web pages owned by fake corporations and mysteries that the community has to solve. These are real webpages, for instance, but the names (ION inc, Tom Larkin etc) are from Arma. By cracking these webpages we can reveal information about Arma3, which the devs have sneakily hidden.

    The ARG also has a story to it, the fake twitter accounts reveal the thoughts of characters in the game, and give us clues to the passwords and usernames we need to find.

    BIS has a bit of a history with ARGs now, ever since the cache hunt in "Chernarus", actually an area in Czechoslovakia.

    Right, this is an attempt to clear up and assimilate everything we know so far.

    The beginnings:

    The terminal heading clues:

    Limited access via bypassing login:

    It references Jerry Hopper, and shows that there is a /home/melteme directory. "melteme" should be a user name, going by standard UNIX principles. "jerryhopper" could be another.
    "melteme" is apparently the name of a wind: ""the bad tempered one": Northerly wind in the Aegean.", source: http://windlegends.org/windnames.htm
    My thoughts are that Melteme could be a call sign for a member of TF Aegis.

    Ion-Inc, FTP (possible dead-ends):


    The mission name (Molon Lave/Labe, Long/lat co-ords):

    The listed IP address:

    A wiki for sharing clues can be found here:


    Some ground rules:

    These games create a huge volume of posts, and after a while it is impossible for new users to get involved because the amount of reading is so vast. For this reason, please post only things you think will help solve the ARG. Conjecture about who is putting on the game, or for what reason the game was made, can be made elsewhere. Likewise, please be sure to read as much as you can before posting so you aren't covering ground we have already gone over.

    Spam will not be tolerated and posts not directly related to solving the ARG will be deleted. People who spam also run the risk of having their permissions to participate in the thread revoked. You will be able to read it, but you will not be able to add to it. And, of course, the regular forum rules apply.

    If you think you have been black listed, contact Max Power.
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    Tried to merge the old thread into this one but chronological ordering broke it up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    im watching the movie wargames right now - maybe I can find some hints.

    You know this reminds me of the book: Ready Player one very nice

    in the book are more 80s reference names / passwords btw...

    . . . . .

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    Nikos Sialmas monument, greek airforce officer who crashed in 1992. No idea if relevant.

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    You don't want to know.
    Got to love theses!!

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    Thanks Keefeh, that helps clear up what that is!

    What we really need here is Batto to tell us the login details, that way we can all have a try at the next stage of the ARG! Come on dude, I registered on this forum to join in with this, have a sense of community!

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    Jake, I posted all I know already in last thread. But here's it again: http://i.imgur.com/pCZZJvF.png

    With command a token is send which is md5 hash of "usernameassword" string. Some PHP functions obviously don't check it. But mail/ls/... do. So I can't do much without knowing correct password.


    The javascript code is pretty much copypasted in jerry's page. So I assume the PHP code will be similar (filename is same) of course with different password.
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    You don't want to know.
    Quote Originally Posted by YouRek View Post
    Translated page:


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    im search the name of the mirage translating is hard =)

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