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Thread: ARMA 3 OPFOR Discussion Thread

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    ARMA 3 OPFOR Discussion Thread

    Are you excited for what OPFOR Faction(s) we will be able to play as in ARMA 3? It sounds like BLUFOR and OPFOR will actually be equal terms this time around. (I felt like the Russian Technology in ARMA 2 was still obsolete compared to US/NATO Forces)

    ARMA 3's storyline takes place in the mid-2030s during the fictional Operation Magnitude, a military operation launched by NATO forces fighting in Europe against "Eastern armies" led by a resurgent Iran.
    ARMA 3 is set in the near-future, during the mid-2030s, where NATO forces deployed in the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea are trying to hold off a massive Iranian military offensive from the east.

    It seems that the world may be on the verge of a World War as the conflict isn't localized like it was in ARMA 2 in the small nation of Chernarus.

    If Bohemia Interactive isn't working 24/7 on Bugs, it would be very cool if they released a steady stream of content that continued the story and they could continue to release Armed Forces DLC of both OPFOR and BLUFOR countries. (but I hope they would include ALMOST everything in the military of Country X)

    At the release of ARMA 3 to six months in the future, we could see a handful of NATO Countries and Iran and then BI could "expand" the war. For example, we could see a new campaign in another hot spot. (North Korea Vs. South Korea, Pakistan Vs. India, etc)

    It would also be very interesting (but unlikely) that we could choose to play as OPFOR in the Singleplayer Campaign.

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    I know I plan to work on and release Takistani Armed Forces and Russian Federation addons once we are able to crack into the PBOs and check out these configs. Given that at least some of the Iranian tech is Russian, it shouldn't be too difficult making Russians and Takistanis. I do hope however that BIS would include some Russian or Chinese OPFOR DLC. A US vs China Pacific DLC would be awesome.

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    A little devil from BIS said that this time the OPFOR will be more badass.... just hope that Blufor and OPFOR still got some unique own features aka surprises up in their sleves. You don't go into war without some trump cards/assets.

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    We were outnumbered by OPFOR in OFP:CWC and Resistance, missions were toughter so I think it's good move by BIS, coming back to the roots
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    One of my curiosities regarding OPFor is their Special forces. The regulars already have advanced equipment (artistic design wise) so what could the SF be sporting? My guess is lighter traditional equipment enhanced my ergonomic gadgets similar to the US infantry design.

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    FLIR-like googles, fire suppresors additional satchel charges or other explosives. Just a guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maionaze View Post
    One of my curiosities regarding OPFor is their Special forces. The regulars already have advanced equipment (artistic design wise) so what could the SF be sporting? My guess is lighter traditional equipment enhanced my ergonomic gadgets similar to the US infantry design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniperwolf572 View Post
    Damn right !

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    Opfor is bestfor.

    The Uniforms represent a different philosophy from the western equipment, and they actually are, as far as technology is concerned, feasible in the timeframe. They have thermo-regulating undersuits for thermal camouflaging (that´s why they have the heatsink on the back.). The fully enclosed helmet represents the Idea of a standardized military force, where all equipment is mass produced without much freedom of modification to lower the training and cost requirements. Then you have different layers of gear over the top, apart from the rigs shown there we´ve also seen screenshots where Iranian soldiers wear OTV style bodyarmour with PALS webbing.

    Over the top of the undersuit you have loose fatigues that close off at the elbows and have pads over the top, again to simplify them and reduce cost. The lack of camo patterning all over like in some russian camo smocks is also to reduce cost, I presume, and to improve abrasion resistance in the fabric by using heavy materials in heavy wear areas. Because you have a thermally regulating undersuit, you do not need different Battle Uniforms for different weather conditions, all you need is for the soldier to adjust his thermosuit to keep him as cool or as warm as he needs to be. The only thing you will need is different types of camouflage. <- Urban style Camo.

    I think special forces will not be very different by base equipment, they´ll also have the thermosuits and maybe enhanced helmets with audio-enhancing sensors, sort of like the more expensive hearing protection sets you can get nowadays. They´ll have more advanced mission specific equipment, lighter bodyarmour, and possibly better weaponry, but visually will likely not be easily distinguished, but I´ll let myself be surprised if BI decides otherwise.

    Then you have the Vehicles, which are sort of geared towards a COIN type of operation (with the M-ATVs and stuff, rather than the more cold war styled vehicles Blufor seems to have, Fenneks, Merkavas, etc.), which is what the Iranians seem to be doing at the time Arma 3 starts.

    :I So.

    Opfor is Bestfor, clearly.

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    Iranian SF will have "optical"/"adaptive" camo. They will be invisible. They will be protecting Namdar's military base on Limnos. Otherwise I'm not sure just how needed Iranian SF will be. And they need to be using experimental technology and gear. But, on the topic of Iranian military doctrine during this period. Why would NATO shift from a COIN mindset? I mean, the US is transitioning to using the M-ATV right now. There's no legitimate explanation for why NATO would shift to a more conventional mindset, especially for the middle east and mediterranean.
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