View Poll Results: Will You Use the New Arma 3 Cross-hairs?

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  • I will, I used them in A2

    46 24.08%
  • I will, I didn't use them in A2

    4 2.09%
  • I will not, I used them in A2

    3 1.57%
  • I will not, I didn't use them in A2

    90 47.12%
  • Depends on how I feel (Hardcore vs. Casual)

    48 25.13%
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Thread: Will You Use the Cross-hairs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernriver View Post
    I always leave crosshairs on, but I hardly ever use it, i aim with iron sights / optics.

    The odd situation when I do use crosshairs is when I stumble on an enemy soldier a few meters away.

    If someone doesn't want to use it, thankfuly we have the option to turn it off.
    Same for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqueesha View Post
    It is? That's good to hear. I haven't seen the new ArmA 3 crosshairs, so I honestly can't speak for them.
    As seen in that video link (go here) the Arma 3 crosshairs are basically the Minimal Crosshair mod with a much smaller/tighter arrangement of the lines and they're in white; here's a video of it in use with the E3 alpha build, while the first link is the Gamescom alpha build. (Note re: the crosshair jump: Jay Crowe has discussed it as having been an attempt at a solution to "sights don't show that your bullet is going to fire into your cover instead of past it", but we have no idea what it's been replaced with.)

    Funny thing is, anyone remember that "low ready"/"point shooting" idea for long guns? An interesting solution would be for the weapon to be 'raised' continually in the center of the bottom of the screen (yes old-school Doom style) with its muzzle oh-so-conveniently in the general area of the center of the screen.

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    Went with the "Depends on how I feel (Hardcore vs. Casual)"
    I like having them and I like not having them at times. Its always good to have options
    I really liked the style of the crosshairs in Arma 2

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    I went with the depends how I feel option. I love minimal HUD's in games, not stuff that clutters the screen with wrist monitor read outs and tactical mini maps and junk. I love to be more absorbed by the game, and it helps if I don't have a bunch of floating objects in my face telling me how long it's been since I got a kill or when I'll need ammo or if I'm bored yet.
    But the other half of the time, I just couldn't care less.

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    Crosshairs are for fags and noobs like Jeza.

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    Yeah, Jeza really needs them. The way he's aiming is quite irritating

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    To anyone wondering, the Arms 3 cross hair is basically the Minimal Crosshair mod as default, no front sight post.

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    I don't usually use the crosshair in Arma2, but always thought the system used since OFP allowed to take way too accurate shots even at mid-range. So I guess this is an improvement, as long as they make it so the barrel isn't always centered to the middle of the crosshair.
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    I'm going to, seeing as they now adjust to show, if there's an <unintended> obstacle in bullet's flightpath.

    Didn't use any in ArmA II.

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