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Thread: New 15.36 x 15.36 island map WIP (since October '12)

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    New 15.36 x 15.36 island map WIP (since October '12)

    Hello people,

    So since October I've been banging away at an island map that I want to finish off at around the same time as the release of DayZ SA, but obviously make the map available to ARMA users, with a mind to also spending some time updating the map in the future for ARMA 3 aswell.

    So far I've managed to all but finish off the terrain and sat map, and I'm now beginning to go town to town, adding in the buildings and trouble shooting terrain issues I find along the way, and updating the sat map and layers as I go, it's a constant process, and as I'm not as experienced as the likes of Icebreakr or Bushlurker it's taking me some time.

    I'm popping some screen shots so far, some map views so you can get an idea of the size, road system and so on.

    I'm looking for a few things along the way, suggestions, critics, help, models... etc. All and any of this will be greatly appreciated.

    Is it based on anything?

    Yes! The map is based loosely on Bamberg (map)in upper Frankonia in Germany, a small city famed for it's beer and basketball team. I took the liberty of turning it into an island, with the help of some coastline stolen from the mid north of the Cardigan Bay (wales) (map), an area just east of Braemar, Scotland (map), Sutton Park, Birmingham (UK) (map), and the rest was added to try and bring some elements to the map that would otherwise have been missing, such as smaller islands, isolated hills, flatland, forest, etc. The map has a working name of 'Bamgorsk' and I may or may not change that, but it's geographic location will potentially be in the Caspian sea, at about 43 degrees north, giving it longer days, and the island's industry would be based on the export of limestone, so I'm looking to add some quarries to try and tie everything up and give the island a believable feel.

    Do I need any help?

    Yes! In terms of models I'm looking to also recreate with a soviet edge, as best as the engine can handle, Bamberg's old town and identifying features such as the Altes Rathaus, Bambeger Dom, Altenburg and various other landmarks such as bridges and statues, and right now all of my energy is going into the production of the terrain so I would be very appreciative of any help in terms of model makers or suggestions!

    Well, I really hope that this might get a few of you excited, raise questions or issues and if you have any questions or suggestions then PLEASE fire them at me, I'm more than willing to answer, or explain myself further.

    on to the pictures!

    A shadowed map of the elevation

    a clear view of the road system so far

    current state of sat map (the underwater texture WILL be cleaned up

    Various views of the island and some of the newly placed towns


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    Looks great. Especially the first picture!

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    Wow! This impressed me! Absolutely amazing job mate. The appearance is great and I really like the map every way – it has gradients in many ways, like populated areas vs. dense forests, it has also diverse and rich nature etc. Maps that have dense and rich nature and e.g. topography have been always the most interesting ones, and this is totally a map that fulfills those terms. I'm looking forward this, really!

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    Reminds me of the walking dead already, very nice!

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    Thanks for the comments, you may notice the pictures are going to be down for a little while, I just realised they break forum rules due to the size, I'm about to correct that! should be about 10 mins!


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    Try and watch out for the green turning into a blue at the middle of your sat map.

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    I love big islands. Try to release it before ARMA 3 comes out, bro!

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    @ WA - Thanks for the heads up, I've already started addressing the 'blue grass' on some of the smaller islands, it's really obvious when I've done a few tests with clutter because it shades it quite a funny teal colour, I'll deal with it as I'm adding in buildings and more detail, but good spot though, the trouble I face looking at this day in, day out, is I begin not to see obvious trouble areas and problems... the proverbial ticking clock that you can't hear anymore. I still keep finding terrible bumps and 'jaggies' in the terrain it's self too... it begins to feel like a never ending story.

    @ Leaulux - I love them too! that's why i wanted to do something big, I could've had a smaller island finished by now, but it's life span in terms of playability would be too short, I like the feeling of having real space to explore, I'm also (as I go through the island populating the towns) going to add in a few easter eggs and in jokes too.


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    Looks fantastic! Best of luck with this
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