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Thread: Arma 2 OA Bad serial number Given in setup.

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    Arma 2 OA Bad serial number Given in setup.

    Hello, I'v been playing dayZ for now 2 months and the "bad serial number given in setup" shows up every time I try arma oa. Arma 2 works fine but Arma OA doesn't work. It will bring me to the "bohemian Interactive" screen then it crashes. I'v treid uninstalling it it 3 times, I ran steam has an administrator, I verified integrity of game cache for both games but nothing works. I've alse been on run, regedit and try to fix it from there but nothing works. I was told to do this, but it still doesn't work

    1, Run REGEDIT
    3, Expand Software
    4, Expand Wow6432Node
    5, Expand Bohemia Interactive Studio Not Bohemia Interactive
    6, Click ArmA 2 OA, If you only see 1 file named "(Default)" And type REG_SZ then,
    7, Right click the ArmA 2 OA file and go to Permissions
    8, Left click YOUR USER, NOT! Users
    9, After selecting your user click on Advanced
    10, Yet Again click on your username for your pc and click on edit
    11, In the drop down menu select This Key and Subkeys
    12, You will see allow and deny make sure all allow boxes are ticked then click ok
    13, you will be taken back one Dialogue box, Click Apply and OK and the same again on the
    next dialogue box.
    14, Now you should see 4 files sat in your ArmA 2 OA folder, Names, "(Default)" "Data" "Key" & "main"
    15, Now play your game hassle free

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    btw I see 4 folders in the regedit folder for bohemian interactive studio

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    If you look in the troubleshooting forum you will see a pinned thread just for this issue.
    Welcome to Associate Producer Matt Lightfoot as new Forum/Community/Moderating lead, he should be contacted for all related matters now, not me!

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