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Thread: ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

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    It all looks fantastic! Well, bar the scopes which are adequate but I imagine some admirable modder taking advantage of the way the holographic sights work to build that into a scope view. Think it could work!

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    I want to bring this thread back up because I was thinkin about the Picture in Picture (PIP) view in Arma3.

    Would it be possible to create such a view inside the scope when zoomed which would effectively take a picture of the view ahead approximate zoomed distance closer which would me grass and clutter would still be visible in scope. So you get the zoom and you also get the grass!

    I noticed the addon the other day which enabled you to see the view that your fellow players were seeing through their eyes - so things are possible just well beyond my abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Coulum- View Post
    Yes well I could live with it, but I see where you're coming from. However I would much rather have a "fake 3d scope" by having not only inside the scope zoomed, but also outside.Not exactly realistic, but if outside the scope is blurred it will not allow for unrealistic advantages. Plus, it wouldn't require the resources that RTT does - ideally this could be used instead towards increasing draw distance of grass and shadows while zooming. End result would look something like this at 200 metres. I would be pretty happy to play with that any day.

    RTT scopes would look something like this at 200 metres in the exact same situation. While it does look neat and very authentic, it still does nothing to really address the problems with magnified weapons - they are far to easy to acquire targets with.

    Not sure if those distant shadow will actually cover up objects though. My understanding was that their solutions to long range shadows was to simply draw them onto the map - so they don't actually project, but they appear to be on the ground. Maybe they found away to cover up units with these "map" shadows as well though...

    Compare this:
    with this:
    I have to say I prefer the latter quite a bit more. Its releativel attractive and it adds gameplay value. Note they are exactly the same situation, and position just the first is using rtt kind of scope and the second uses a "fake 3d" scope but with increased draw range for shadows and foilage. Does everyone disagree with me?
    would PIP view allow us to create the picture above?

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    Isnt the current sniper scope reticle just using alpha? So the outside of the sight picture is see through?
    Please be so kind as to vote it this, it has real importance towards modding in general and sound mod capabilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigpickle View Post
    Isnt the current sniper scope reticle just using alpha? So the outside of the sight picture is see through?
    Yes it is.
    Would be good to blur the background outside the optic tunnel

    The problem with RTT is that its an fps killer and always will be.

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    Ye the current sniper scope looks so meh ...

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    If anyone has used the user texture object in the editor and assigned a render to texture on it, they've seen the power of it
    So someone can make a small circle the size of the scope and assign a render to texture on it in order to have a zoomed in effect.

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    And people who know me will know how I managed to do this.

    FPS was 1 at this point, btw. PIP scopes are a no go.

    I would even be satisfied if they managed animated scope overlays, but PIP is just a bit too much, and even the current scopes are okay as long as they are nicely implemented.

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    don't look a gift horse in the mouth
    while I totally think the PIP scopes look awesome
    the new sniper scopes are good enough, I'll settle for that
    anything is better than the black abyss we have now for scopes

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    also instagoat could I please have whatever mod you made for that scope?
    I just want to test it out myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by InstaGoat View Post

    FPS was 1 at this point, btw. PIP scopes are a no go.
    And it's impossible to see range markings on the scope at all. Or anything else through it really
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    Quote Originally Posted by metalcraze View Post
    And it's impossible to see range markings on the scope at all. Or anything else through it really
    You could use cutRsc or titleRsc to replicate the markings when aiming down sights.

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