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Thread: Schwemlitz, Germany: 5x5km Terrain

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    Schwemlitz, Germany: 5x5km Terrain



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    Schwemlitz is a 5x5km terrain centered around the town of Schwemlitz located 20km from the former inner german boarder. Encompassing rolling wheat and asparagus fields, thick forests and small farming towns the terrain provides a suitable battlespace for modern and cold war era missions. The terrain and the encompassed towns are designed to be as realistic as possible. The layout of the towns and the buildings are taken from real world data and modeled the best of our ability in the ARMA2 engine. The terrain eschews the ARMA2 clutter system in favor of clutter objects to allow rendering of grasses and crops from orders of magnitude further distances. In addition forest microterrain has been slightly exaggerated to provide a realistic level of cover in forested environments and maximize gameplay potential. While the terrain was designed with infantry centric gameplay it will also serve both armor and mechanized missions in the sweeping fields in the north of the map.

    - 5x5km 1:1 real world terrain
    - Micro Terrain Forests
    - All Buildings Enterable
    - 1 Large Realistic Town
    - 3 Small Realistic Towns
    - 3 Realistic Hamlets
    - 1 Rail Station / Light Industrial Center
    - 2km rail line on embankment
    - Numerous small irrigation ponds
    - 6km long system of irrigation canals
    - Realistic street signs




    mikebart's vegetation

    We going to try to work with bushlurker to reduce the size of the Carraigdubh dependency with a possible unique pbo including only the objects Schwemlitz depends on.


    Q: How do you install this?

    -Extract the archive and copy its contents (@Schwemlitz) to your ArmA 2 main folder.
    -Run the game using a modified startup parameter

    Startup parameter example:
    "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2OA.exe" -nosplash -mod=@Schwemlitz;@carraigdubh;@mgb_buildings3;@mb_v eg_adv_v0.9

    Q: What's the grid zone designation?

    31U PD


    1. There is a weird shadow/colorization on some of the trees at range under certain lighting conditions. We are working with the author to fix this.
    2. The skybox in the North and East has non existent mountains in it.

    Please report any issues on our Dev-Heaven page.



    Assistant Developers:
    Impulse 9

    Test Team:

    German Authenticity Team:
    Jake Peril

    Special Thanks & Content Contributers:
    Mike Bart
    Nicholas Bell
    Arma2 Map Maker Channel

    We've spent a lot of time working on this and we're happy to finally be able to share this with the community. Please let us know what you think and feel free to post any suggestions/criticisms, we're always looking to improve our terrain!
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    Hello and good day
    I have read with pleasure today that the map came out in front of you,
    I wish that more come out such maps. in such a quality. It can some would like to take an example map builder because it anyway in Germany until Mondkalb only one. Who built a German map, I hope you go on like this and more comes out of Germany and larger.

    keep it up

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    Good work guys! I don't think I deserve to be on the assistant devs though haha, all I did was lay down a few trees and hedges, bitching the entire time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NouberNou View Post
    Good work guys! I don't think I deserve to be on the assistant devs though haha, all I did was lay down a few trees and hedges, bitching the entire time!
    Well you answered enough of my questions to count.

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    Congrats on the release. It reminds me of Schmalfelden in A1, which is a good thing
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    Finally it's out! Eagerly awaiting quitting time to get my hands on this. Great job
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    I'm not familiar with German geography so please tell me is this town located in the former GDR or not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spooky Lynx View Post
    I'm not familiar with German geography so please tell me is this town located in the former GDR or not?
    Nope, this town is located 20km west of the inner german border. During the cold war it fell into the Dutch I Corps' area of responsibility within NORTHAG.

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    In case you are interested in the terrain we based the island off of, here is a link
    Only town we did not include was Testorf.

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    i can't play these island on my dedicated server cause Mikebart's Vegetation doesn't include a server key.
    Where can i get the key?

    kind regards

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