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Thread: HOG MHQ v1.0

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    HOG MHQ v1.0

    HOG MHQ v2.0
    By =Mason=



    This allows players to deploy a Mobile MHQ with some cover and a fully loaded ammo box.
    It has a marker on the map that follows the MHQ and updates its marker name as it is deployed and un deployed.
    Players can teleport to and from the MHQ and base.

    The MHQ respawns and is fully MP and JIP ready.


    1) drag the demo to your missions folder

    C:\Users\yourname\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\yournick\missions

    2) then open it in the editor to view what you need on the map for the script to run

    you can simpy select merger in the editor to merge all objects on the map over to your mission.

    3) transfer the HOG_scripts folder over to your mission folder

    and place the following in your init.sqf

    waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"};	
    // Run HOG_MHQ
    if (isnil "HQ_Deployed") then {HQ_Deployed = 0;};
    execVM "HOG_scripts\HOG_MHQ\MHQ_MHQ_functions.sqf";
    execVM "HOG_scripts\HOG_MHQ\MHQ_spawner.sqf";
    // Update the MHQ marker's for JIP Players
    HOG_markerArray = ["rally","teleport","MHQMKR"];
    onPlayerConnected "{_x setMarkerPos (getMarkerPos _x)} forEach HOG_markerArray";





    HOG MHQ v1.0 is (c) 2012 All rights reserved.


    The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
    The Software is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk.

    ================================================== =======
    ================================================== =======

    Please note that you do NOT require permission from The Contributors to distribute simulation content (e.g. missions) created with the Software.
    However, The Contributors do ask that you credit the Software in any release documentation.


    thanks goes out to

    Mikie Boy ---- For his outstanding help in fixing a dedi server issue

    for his assistance in a bugs and other ideas id like to thank

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    HOG MHQ v1.0
    HOG Mechanic v1.0

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    I'll use this in some missions. lol after seeing your mhq thread for a quite a bit, it made me want to make just a simple mhq script. Which I did and then you finally got this one sorted!! Looking forward to using it

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    Thanks for the headsup about this script release

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

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    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Yes thank you for this it will see heavy use

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    when i deploy i receive an error anout an "AAW_f88_A1" weapon.
    then after the MHQ is moved, and I teleport to it. I appear trapped underground...
    all on your test mission.

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    Thanks for pointing that out EZJack ive corrected the issue i accidently uploaded the wrong rar file alls working fine now mate.

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    How do I remove the deploy or undeploy actions if the vehicle is destroyed? Any way I can add it to the deploy.sqf and undeploy.sqf scripts?

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    Any way that this might be edited so i can have multiple vehicles?
    I would like to have the feat on my squad vehicles insteaf of a HQ vehicle.

    We sometimes are on different areas and need different rally points.

    I have tried this script, in the original version and for me its not JIP safe.
    When i start the mission, deploy the MHQ and disconnect and reconnect the MHQ is still deployed, but i cannot undeploy it or teleport to the MHQ.
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    Hey guys. When I runned the mission in Take On Helicopters: Rearmed (because my OA is not working for some reason), I could'nt find any icons or menu to deploy it?

    EDIT: It would be great if theres a standalone ArmA II MHQ
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