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Thread: Bradley Pics.

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    Off topic here,

    But, would you please read <url></url>

    The top picture is a M1 NOT a M1A1.

    There was the M1 Abrams with a 105mm rifled cannon. Then in 1985 as the first intial M1A1s rolled off the lines with the new 120mm smooth bore the M1s where upgraded to M1A1 specification. (Cheaper than building whole new ones).

    The M1A2 is a further enhancement of the M1A1 with upgraded electronics and survillance equipment.

    In 1985 there would be NO M1A1s on such a small minor area this game is placed in. However neither would there be Apaches (also limited numbers and far from this engagement zone, nor humvess really.) Which brings me to my conclusion, you can have them but I want my T-84. Seems only logical that if premium NATO equipment was available so would be there Soviet.

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    Ok well apparently <url></url> isn't the way to make a link here, anyone care to point out the proper way?

    Also the M1A1 and M1A2 look almost identical from the outside save a few minor differences.

    Oh, also that smaller MG is the M240 7.62mm for the loader which can be dismounted for local security or switched to the Commanders position if the M2 fails. M1s, M1A1s, and M1A2s had both of the top MGs.

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    The first picture is M1 Abrams, and the second onw is M1A1 not M1A2. All three versions of the tanks have two Mguns on the top of the tank. One Mgun have loader, and one the commader.

    And you can nothest the difference between the M1 and M1A1. I told you, that you must look at the back wheel and the gun, and you can see that M1a1 have better armour. You'll see a huge difference, OK. and the game tank is M1a1, not original M1. You can compare the flashpoint M1A1 with the real one and you'll see they are the same(except the Mguns, which are not on the game tank)

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    Info about all three versions of the M1 abrams

    And this is the M1A2 Abrams:

    You can see the difference between tanks, here too. Look at the top turret.

    and, again M1A1:

    You can nothest the difference. Look more carefully and you'll see.

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    Picture of M1A2 with machine guns on the top:

    As you see, that this tank can be without Machine guns to, so m1A1 in OPf is not so unrealistic. Not at all.

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    And one more thing. BIS, made M1A1, because the single M1 couldn't match with the T80, or T72. They have no other choice. The story was made before, the vehicles did, and if they would set the game into the other year, the story should be different. The biggest conflicts, between Russia and USA were in 1985 and they couldn't do nothing else, but to include the M1A1. So, this is it. And please, don't forget that this is the game, not a real life. Everything is allowed in the games. And BIS couldn't possibly know, that we will have so much information about the tanks in our heads. :biggrin:

    Well, that's all for now.

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    true about eh turrets on top but lets just all agrre on something the M1's in the game (also on other tanks) should allow the commander to have his own machine gun

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    but i thought that they already have one??

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    Getting back on topic (the M-2 Bradley)...

    I hope they implement the 25mm cannon properly. I've seen some video of that thing blasting away and it has a pretty good rate of fire (200 rpm according to the FAS site).

    And as I read I get more and more excited about it. This thing's amphibious, caries a TOW launcher ("The range of the TOW missile is nearly 4 kilometers and the missile will reach a speed of almost Mach 1 on its way to the target. This weapon is capable of destroying any armored vehicle in existence today and is deadly accurate." )

    Also interesting to note: "more enemy armored vehicles were destroyed by Bradleys than by the Abrams Main Battle Tanks!"

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