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Thread: [MOD] Performance enhancement mod

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    [MOD] Performance enhancement mod

    Hey folks,

    This simple mod removes the animated characters from the background of the island map. This makes the game run with 25fps and more on a intel HD3000. Previously the map screen crawled at 5fps for me.
    This is a modified file that needs to be copied to a "worlds" folder within your Carrier Command directory. Just extract this with folders and it should work.

    NOTE: This may not be compatible with all versions of the game, at least until a patchfile packer is available.

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    File packer is working, but I have not been able to get additional PAC1 files to work in my game (Steam version) yet.

    Also, I'm currently writing a bogus number into the file header because there are 4 bytes I have no idea about. The game runs after I unpack and re-pack all the big original files, so my tool can't be all wrong.

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    I haven't noticed any performance change on my rig, but I do much prefer the clean look!

    Well done, nice job!

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