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Thread: Preorder Bonuses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lev View Post
    BIS doesn't usually do this but since they've gotten a lot more popular lately, perhaps they would like to offer preorder bonuses to reward old timer Arma players and entice new ones to commit?

    Some cool ideas for potential preorder bonuses:
    Steel Case
    Map of Limnos
    Postcards from pre-war-torn Limnos
    Arma themed lensatic compass (maybe replica of in-game version)
    Arma themed survival knife (not sure if this would be allowed but for a mature rated game, I don't think its too far fetched?)
    Arma themed safety goggles + earplugs
    Arma themed medkit
    Arma themed balaclava

    Post your ideas.
    Sounds like a few nice addition for the head prize in the limnosprizequest.

    i already have a med-kit + a signed helmet

    the problem is in the price of the items i guess.
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    I would simply like to have a physical copy after release, nothing more.

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    I wouldn't mind some sort of operational AT-4 or Javalin you know, nothing TO overboard just something to kill people with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohan11221 View Post
    I wouldn't mind some sort of operational AT-4 or Javalin you know, nothing TO overboard just something to kill people with.
    A pistol is more than adequate. Hell, I dispatched an entire platoon one time with a pocket knife.

    (Free cookies for people that figure out the refrence :P)
    Quote Originally Posted by W0lle View Post
    But obviously it's very hard for people these days to make use of BRAIN v1.0.

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    "Now everyone will see why I need a skull-gun"

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    How about a live sized Hunter dropped by a Hamok?

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    Oh a little toy modell of the Hamok would be awesome!
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    All I would want from the preorder is just the physical copy, IF they actually did let pre orders happen

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