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Thread: [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

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    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    by Tonic

    Current Version: V1DB
    Wasteland is a post apocalyptic sandbox that evolved from Dynamic Zombies Sandbox by Craig/bobtom. Wasteland is a game mode that gives players a more PVP feel on the large map Chernarus.
    The main objective of Wasteland is to scavenge for supplies, weapons vehicles and defend yourself against other factions. There are four factions in Wasteland (Blufor,Opfor,Civilian,Raiders).
    Civilians are given a choice if they want to work as a team with other civilians or go 'rogue' and become a blood thirsty raider leaving no survivors and taking what they want. While Wasteland is TVT focused
    there are AI factions called 'Raiders' that spawn at side missions and will roam the wastes searching for targets. These AI are deadly and will kill you in a heart beat!

    - Scavenging system: Scavenge for food, water, and guns
    - Dynamic Vehicles & Objects to build bases with
    - real-time base building capabilities by using R3F Logistics with modifications
    - Survival like system: Enables hunger and dehydration
    - Gun stores
    - Spawn beacons for a mobile spawn for yourself
    - Dynamic Environment
    - Anti Teleport for cheaters (read notes)

    Known Issues:
    Side missions: Side some side missions sometime bugs out, side missions weren't the primary focus of this version but in the upcoming versions I hope to revise them.
    Player Menu: Every now an then (rarely) the player menu will bug out for JIP clients preventing them from opening the menu, for a fix just rejoin.
    FPS Lag: Every now an then when the server starts with a lot of players (30+) most suffer from frame lag, can be fixed by using left shift + minus via numpad and typing F L U S H.

    Player Menu: The player menu is a virtual gear menu which can be accessed by using the ~ key next your 1 key on your keyboard. This menu is very important, if it doesn't pull up then try reconnecting, some users experience issues with this.

    Wasteland virtually works the same as Dynamic Zombie Sandbox by Craig/bobtom, it can work dynamically on any map although currently there are a few things preventing it from going from island-to-island by not editing it via the mission editor which is the gun stores and AEG markers, in the upcoming releases I plan to have a preset for various different islands where a user can play Wasteland on. Please note that wasteland is not intended to be ran as a 'listen' server as this was mainly built for team vs team but does have some AI encounters to liven the mood so its main purpose is dedicated servers. Also within Wasteland virtually any addon based vehicle or weapon will work with Wasteland just by loading the server with the mod and the clients.

    With the coming updates I want to expand upon the side missions and improve upon them. Along with that I want to make the roaming AI more fluenent and dynamic along with various
    dynamic skill changes upon each AI and have certain groups of AI for various rolls and also expand upon the hunger system and add more effects for the more hungerier you get and dehydrated.

    Wasteland has a built in anti-teleport script which will report players to the server's RPT log with the syntax: TP-LOG: playername:uid:distance:isvehicle, now this isn't always 100% accurate due to player-to-player desync but usually if the distance is greater then 300 meters then you may have a cheater, use your judgement as a server admin, but either way that person will teleport back to their previous position.

    ArmA 2: Combined Operations

    Credits & Thanks:
    R3F Logistics - R3F Team
    Tire Fix Script (TFS) - _neo_
    DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf - Engima of Ostgota Ops
    AEG (ArmA Electrical Grids) - Loyalguard
    Xeno for giving some beginner tips in the beginning to help optimize it
    Craig/bobtom for creating DZS (Dynamic Zombie Sandbox) which gave birth to this sandbox and his scripts for the base template.

    Wasteland is a non-profit based mission, using Wasteland for the intent to make profits is forbidden regardless of which version may be used to make profits, the majority of the scripts used in Wasteland were meant for a non-profit usage. This is mainly directed to Game Server Providers (GSP) trying to use the wasteland mission or a modified version of wasteland for the intent to gain profits. Users are allowed to use and modify wasteland to their hearts content so long as they abide by not doing it for the intent to make profit. Users hosting a wasteland mission and asking for donations to maintain their own server cost is not considered to be in it for profit and is perfectly acceptable.

    Change Log:

    Current Versions:
    Dev-Heaven (My Server)

    Dev-Heaven (My Server)
    Armaholic: Wasteland TvT-Co-55 (@)

    Issues? Feedback? Contact me!

    For bug reports please also submit RPT logs and describe the issue in detail.
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    testing now on none dedi.

    I have noticed there is very few optoins in the parameters section but of course you have just started this mission

    All so is this ACE compatible I am just about to press go with ACE enabled I will report back,

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    At the moment there isn't a lot of parameters because the mission was designed to work one way, the basic parameters are in there for vehicle spawn amount, object amount, etc.

    As far as ACE Compatibility goes the mission its self pulls stuff from the config so.... If you run ACE there is a chance some ACE vehicles MAY spawn that you may not want people to have. But ACE weapons etc should spawn in all but items. I can look into adding better ACE compatibility in the future but not a big fan on ACE so don't hold your breathe :P

    Also a hotfix was applied to the download links to solve a issue where players didn't initialize some event handlers and broke the mission for some.

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    Dedi running but seems to stay as night time regardless of parameter and no vehicles or menu :/

    Clean install on this server, latest beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdjac View Post
    Dedi running but seems to stay as night time regardless of parameter and no vehicles or menu :/

    Clean install on this server, latest beta.

    password boards
    Right, found the issue. The mirrors have been updated with the working fix. Now no issues should arise

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    lads fapping about now that they have it working.

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    Aug 26 2012
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    Well in tonic..

    Will get this running on my uk server tomorrow..

    Thanks for the release..

    ---------- Post added at 02:15 ---------- Previous post was at 01:37 ----------


    Got it running on my 36 man server, will run it for a day at that level, and ease up the player count!!

    Search for Wasteland, OCUK!!

    Server based in London!

    Cheers Tonic!

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    Very glad to see people wanting to use it

    The last bit of fixes have been implemented in the V1D Hotfix. Going from a dev-build to a release build the way I have it setup is confusing me so a lot of mistakes were made but now everything is how it should be.

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    Aw man!!

    I was calling you for everything the past day or two!! Knowing you had pulled the server\core files

    You made up for it tonight though!

    I'll make sure I post any problems!

    Thanks Again!

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    I have been looking forward to hosting this mission on our server since I found it. Great work.

    I do have one slight problem at the minute in that the player menu will not show up for anyone on our server. I have tried server restarts, rejoining etc and was wondering if there is anything I may have missed when launching the server that could cause this?

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