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Thread: Two BI employees arrested in Lemnos...

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    Two BI employees arrested in Lemnos...

    On spying charges.

    Can't find an english source.

    They caught them with video and photographs of military installation of Lemnos.

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    Curious Case of espionage in Lemnos. Those arrested claimed that photographing camps for electronic game "Arma 3". Ongoing investigationsnews247 September 10 2012 20:53

    On charges of espionage arrested two Czechs, aged 28 and 33, at noon Sunday at the Platy Lemnos by officers of AT Myrina.

    In testing conducted on the camcorder and camera that were with them, were videotaped and photographed camps and other military facilities on the island.
    Against the file formed and led the Misdemeanors Prosecutor Mytilene on charges of espionage.
    As argued by the defendants, were working for the company Bohemia Interactive and the photos they took it "enriches" the graphics of the video game «Arma 3» played in Lemnos and Agios Efstratios.

    Holy shit...any words, BI?


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    Two BI employees arrested in Lemnos...
    This is true.

    We prefer this topic not to be discussed on our forums atm, at least until we know more specific details about the case so I am going to close this topic and our moderators are going to close any related dicussion here, thank you for understanding.
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