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Thread: arma2 oa no entry 'bin \ config.bin \ CfgInGameUI \ MPTable.shadow error

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    Post arma2 oa no entry 'bin \ config.bin \ CfgInGameUI \ MPTable.shadow error

    I had to run arma2 oa
    But this error pops up.
    no entry 'bin \ config.bin \ CfgInGameUI \ MPTable.shadow
    And this problem pops up again.
    Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha: 0
    Arma2 oa integrity check, delete, etc. In order to solve this problem, I have it but the pig did. Graphics card is fine. Our computer window xp window7 not. So with administrative privileges does not resolve.
    Should any way to solve this problem if you would like to write?

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    I was contacted by a friend who reported this error. In his case this is no steam thing, because he did not purchased/installed ArmA2 and A2OA via steam. He owns the DVD´s and gets this errormessage. I told him to uninstall everythings again and reinstall it. After he installed both (without patching) he emmediately recieved that error again, what can this be?

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    try my Weaponbox signs Addon
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