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Thread: Soliders cant swim?!!?! why not??

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    Ok you bail out of your plane or chopper and land in the sea, oopps sorry but you'll die because they dont teach swimming at trainning camp cant this be fixed?? Its a bit daft this one!!!

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    Why do you think.

    Do you think you could swim, decked out with armor, guns, and ammo?
    You'd sink like a rock.

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    Yea haven't you ever seen the beginning in saving pvt ryan the soldiers get off the ships into like 25 ft. of water and half them die because of their armor, shovels, ammo, ect.

    But I do think if you eject out of a helo and your a piolet you should be able to float or something because piolets aren't loaded down with a lot of stuff I think

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    also if you get tangled in the parachute when you're in the water, your screwed.

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    mmm, very troo.
    but i think pilots should be able to swim, or at least float as they have life jackets

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    maybe its cos they're american?


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    It's a widely known fact that Americans can't swim...duh...

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    Even if they could swim with 75 lb of equipment, the engine doesn't support this feature yet, aand I don'T assume this will be implemented soon.

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    swimming would be crap anyway, imagine having an infantry squad swim from one island to the other then destroy your T-80, bastards. i say instead of swimming we should have more amphib vehicles, especially with russians, who are the gods of amphib landings. no, really. you could have the yanks being the air assaulters (as in real life) and the russians being the amphib assaulters (kind of like in real life), SO we should have more air transport for yanks, and troops ships where you can start in BRDM's, BTR's, BMP's and maybe even T-72's and T-80's (with schnorkels) for the ruskies.

    i would love that soooooooo much, seeing a troop ship approaching, open its doors, and have s**t loads of amphib vehicles and troops pouring out, with hind and frogfoot support obviously.

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    yes , it would be so cool , i remember a few years ago , i've founded a video about the russian naval aviation , there was some great scenes with beach landings in the caspian sea , with the huge hovercraft , the support ships , the pt76 , the arrival of all the bmp , brdm , pt76 arriving on the small beach , the bmp's open their doors and the russians get out and run to the inland

    ruskie , you've got a good idea , we don't need to balance plane for plane and tank for tank , bis can do that more funny and more realistic

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