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Thread: FPS Booster?

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    Does Gamebooster give any real FPS proven benefit?

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    Well if you want to take the time to manually close all your background apps/services then you would essentially get the same boosts, but considering doing all that could take 5-10 mins and gamebooster does it in one click it's well worth paying the $0.00 it costs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infam0us View Post
    Does Gamebooster give any real FPS proven benefit?
    I find it does, i use it when playing. Ive noticed an increase of upto 10fps which can make all the difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by domokun View Post
    Roger wilco with test of Low AA & FXAA. What CPU/GPU d'you have?
    The details are in my sig ‘rigs’. although I will have to add a Roccat Kone + gaming mouse to that now, just got one, lovely

    These are both purely gaming pc’s nothing else on them, completely un-cluttered, it makes a massive difference I have found when gaming, especially this series of games. The fps can be significantly higher than anyone using the same machine for everyday use, with it full of clutter. I fully understand that its hard to afford a pc just for your games, but it does make a big difference, in the group I play in, everyone has a dedicated gaming pc, the best money you will spend, imo..
    My rig for arma 2 is nothing special, just run of the mill gaming pc, bought new a couple of years ago, but its OC'ed a little, and tweaked here and there, and very lean. It can whoop arma's bottom, provided there are not 100's of ai in combat at one time.. and of course with the right game settings..
    Of course you need a decent card, which I believe I have in an unsung diamond, still holding its own against newer cards. I have one of the new ones in my other rig waiting for Arma 3, if it serves just as well, I would be happy, if better, then even happier..

    Don’t clutter it up, keep it lean and clean, pays you back in great performance, just my opinion.

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    Hey just an update, I've installed gamebooster and its givin me a slight boost, but not much. @ChrisB I'm not running any mods (yet) and as for my settings I have them all at low with at and aa off and no postproc. With thoughs on a regular mission I can get an ok fps of 20ish, but on a mission with a lot of AI I only get 10 fps with it set to Wii game grapichs. I mainly play sp because I can barely run the servers...

    My specs are:

    Windows 7 home premi
    3.5 gb ram
    Processor: AMD E-300 w/ Radeon HD graphics 1300GHz 2 cores
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics
    and I think about 5.8 GB of vram
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you want to game, and in particular with ArmA 2. Your going to need a much stronger CPU, and Graphics card solution than what you use currently as its simply not strong enough.

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    @ Infamous I know its not very good for gameing, I'm just looking for short term solutions as I'm currently saveing up for a good gameing pc.

    @ChrisB Thats a pretty sweet rig, how much did that set you back?

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    You will struggle to run it at all on the lowest resolution with the graphics on low I'm afraid mate and will find it frustrating to play with such a low FPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superdudey12 View Post
    @ChrisB Thats a pretty sweet rig, how much did that set you back?

    Hadn’t thought to add it up, I have just got a Roccat Kone Plus mouse to add, wife keeps telling me to stop, but what can you do when gaming’s your hobby.
    The Intel is new and mainly waiting for arma 3, the athlon around 2yrs old maybe a little older, and is mainly for arma 2, both gaming pc’s.
    Non of it is daft money though.

    If your saving for a new gaming pc for arma2, would certainly recommend the Athlon II x 4 quads, pick them up now for around £350-400 with card, pos maybe have to add £100-150ish to that to upgrade existing card to something a little stronger than provided.
    That’s pc only of course, no peripherals.
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    I guess I'll have to deal with crappy graphics and slow fps untill I can afford an update. Now I have to start the search for a good comp...

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