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Thread: Problem with switching to 3rd person

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    Problem with switching to 3rd person

    Hello i just got ArmA 2 operation arrowhead today, and have a problem with switching to 3rd person. As it says in the boot camp use the enter[num] to switch the view. Well I have an aleinware m14x and don't have a numpad. Is this the only was to switch to third person, I don't see the option in the controls to configure the key for it. If you know what I can do to be able to fix this please reply.

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    Hi Like22worms, Welcome to BIS Forums!
    Your answer is simple, just remap the key to another.

    The default key for toggling the 3rd person view is as you know enter[num]
    but what the description of the key is called Toggle view.

    So what you do is go to your controls, and change the filter so that it says infantry, then scroll down a bit and look for Toggle View on the left.
    on the right is the default key.

    To change the key to a new key of your choice, just hit the button on your keyboards that will work best for you.
    If the new key you enter already is being used it will show in red, but no worries, you can change that key to, just locate that key in red by scrolling
    through the list and look for keys that are red, once you find it it should give you some info on what that key is for, from there if you wish you can
    remap that key to something else or just delete the key.

    You dont have to use the default setup in the game, I mean I dont.

    Try that and see how it goes, anymore questions let me know.
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    Thank you so much, I wasn't looking for toggle view when going through the controls so that didn't even register in my mind when i was looking to change it. Thanks again you have made my day!!!!

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