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Thread: Project 82 The Falklands/Malvinas war mod Work In Progress - Pics

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    This is once again more detailed but lower resolution:
    Have you tried Google Maps/Earth?

    this one is going be great help thank you. I work off google earth too, for some detail too. right now start to place object on the map. just clicking rocks and more rocks, checking some picture to try get close to the look.
    I have full east and west island up, been thinking of just east island, what size it would be ? right now 40x40 lost lot detail 40x40, will work good for ship battle, and planes, as there few trees more of a deserter of grass and forest of rocks.

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    Are you referring to the Jason Islands?
    Give me the names of the islands you're trying to model and I'll see if I can find you some good visuals.
    I'll do everything I can to help this mod reach fruition!

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    parts of jason islands on the map it more what i have is high hybrid, of east Falkland, some things i like to have for missions, places for ship / boat, air battle, plus long march/stomping area. main city Goose Green, Darwin with airport, port Stanly and airport, grass strips airport Port Howard, north arm Teal Inlet.
    I put lot of low little valleys/ fingers to give some place for cover and stealth movement.
    low water crossing area for AI bot so no problem there.

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    Hi, people i am releasing the first public version of the IA58 pucara, i cant say that is finished but not sure of what direction will take the addon development, I have too much models to finish, and looking for put some things in ARMA3 while certanly it would be bad just left the ARMA2 models incomplete
    I dont remember if I added the "credits.txt" file in this version so here they are, sorry if i miss someone!
    This addon wouldnt be posible with out of the help of this awesome persons/groups:
    Bohemia Interactive Forums People
    Armaholic forum
    Proyect82 Team (Cimalex and Konyo)
    Cazadores de Monte(CM)(Loro and MarioX)
    RACS Proyect Team(wld427 help us with the guns!)
    Sudden Death(The multiple cannon script is based on his script for the tunguska)
    Myke(We learn a lot from his unbinarized F16 files)
    Bohemia Interactive( for such awesome expandible game)
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Here is a little fan video

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    Release of skyhawk A4B and A4C
    camo from grupo 4 de caza(fighting bombing group 4) for the skyhawk A4C and camo from grupo 5 de caza(fighting bombing group 5) for the skyhawk A4B
    A4B with 3xMK82 bombs
    A4B with 1xMK17 1000LB bomb
    A4C with 3xMK82 bombs
    Picture (238 kB)

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    Nice job! Thanks. You are making soldiers?

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