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Thread: Interstellar Marines - Indie game in development

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    Interstellar Marines - Indie game in development

    So far.... no jump and 1 bullet kills. [Edit: There is jump, the MP mode I played didn't have it]


    Videos: http://www.interstellarmarines.com/media-section/unity/

    INTERSTELLAR MARINES is a trilogy of three games, a high quality first person shooter experienced in a realistic and unpredictable future where first contact with another sentient species is slowly becoming reality. The games balance the military realism and cooperative action from tactical shooters with the character development and narrative depth from Role Playing Games.

    If you want more in-depth information about Interstellar Marines: The Trilogy click here.
    Where is the Game?

    We are working on it. But you can always play our latest chapter by clicking on the big ol' PLAY NOW button on top of the page!
    Be part of the journey

    Being "part of the journey" is about experiencing Interstellar Marines as we make it. As we develop the game from concept to playable we intend to periodically release playable chapters, which will be available on this page.

    Below are the current timeline for the chapters that we've released so far and an indication of what is to come.
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    Currently on sale - early access is at 9USD... I think I'm gonna get it.. looks like fun. Anybody else have it? And do they support trackIR?

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    Currently it's basically a tech demo and a very repetitive and dull PvP experience. It's not bad, but the game is advancing very slowly (after few months: "hey guys, look! you can crouch now! isn't that great?!") and to me, it's hard to belive they want cash for it at this stage. IMO: avoid until few serious milestones.

    For that price You can have fully playable and rather complete Insurgency, which is a ton of fun for much more than 5 minutes.

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    Looks like an interesting game but I wouldn't consider it until they approach their goal of a co-op campaign. Other games do tactical PVP just as well.
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    I've been interested in this game for a long time - it's been in development for many years, but the unnecessarily confusing and convoluted access process prior to Steam put me off. From what I understand the development was quite far along and had some very advanced stuff (have a look at the earlier videos) but for whatever reasons has regressed back to almost scratch with a new engine etc. It's pleasing to see progress being made but the pace (compared to A3) is glacial. Every month or so I fire it up in SP for 5 minutes to admire the incremental improvements.

    Personally, I just want to see a decent SP campaign, but I won't be holding my breath. I gave them my early access $ to help development, and I really want them to succeed, but I am a little jaded after the Takedown debacle.

    Hopefully the next year or so will be very exciting for space themed stuff with Star Citizen, maybe Interstellar Marines etc.

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