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Thread: Could someone help an old man?

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    Question Could someone help an old man?

    I'm almost done downloading the Anniversary Edition from steam. Could someone give me simple instructions in order on how to install and what updates i need . I'm only worried about Arma2 OA, BAF and PMC. I have read the forums, but i'm still not sure. This is my first time using stream also.

    From what i've read you neeed to install Arma2 first, then OA then BAF and then PMC. I've read if you start it up in stream it will automatically prompt you for the updates. I'm not worried about online now and would just like to play offline, but i'm a little confused as to wether i should install the game with stream or without stream. I chose the option to create shortcuts on my desktop.

    Any help would truly be appreciated. I would hate to have to download all this again. Thanks in advance.

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    If you bought it from Steam then you don't have to worry about updates, you always get the latest version automatically. Except the beta patches of course, but they are nothing you have to worry about right now.

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    Steam has to be turned online only once, to download the updates. Once those are finished, you can run it in offline mode and still run the games no problem, it┬┤s what I do. Arma does not require a permanent internet connection.

    Once an update is out (Community websites and forums will notify you), simply switch steam to online, download the update, and then turn it off again.

    Hope this helps


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    Not a Steam man myself, but if that creates shortcuts to launch the game, you will probably get a few. You want to be launching the one that points to Arma2OA.exe

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    Ahh, one thing. After patching, or first installing the steam version, you will want to run ARMA2 (stand alone) once before running ARMA2 Operation Arrowhead (for the combined version)

    This seems to initialize the patch on steam. It will also allow you to double check that you've got version 1.11 of Arma2.

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    Thanks for the responses, especially about running Arma2 first, i did that. 10 yrs ago i could do this stuff without thinking about it. Out of boredom, i broke down and bought a really good PC, mainly for this game, and it was worth every penny.

    A couple things about steam and the Anniversary Edition...

    1- It seems like it must download to some cloud like storage device. I can't find any of the folders on my PC other than a steam folder that contains the desktop auto-run shortcuts. This is somewhat of a let down because i see no way of running any mods. I also went to install/uninstall programs and the games show up, but show no file size what so ever, it's just blank.

    2- I have to sign into steam to play, not thrilled about this because if your internet goes down no gaming. You can sign in and then go offline, but you still have to sign in first.

    A couple final questions i have is...

    1- Does anyone have any idea of where i can find the game folders to run mods later on? Is it even possible to run mods with the AE from steam?

    2- I planned on spending some time in the editor also, one of the major reasons i bought the game. Where in the world is editor missions going to be saved?

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    1. install and run ARMA 2, exit
    2. install and run ARMA 2: OA, exit
    3. install and run ARMA 2: BAF, exit
    4. install and run ARMA 2: PMC, exit

    should be all you need

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    I don't have any problems playing. The steam edition stores all your files on a cloud device and i'm not sure if modding is possible. Is it possible to access the files on steam to use mods? This is my first time using steam. I'm thinking the way they have it set-up is you can't. I think they want to make sure everyone has the same version for online play.

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    Steam stores your game files normally on your HDD, or did something change?

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    Of course you can use Mods with Steam too. It's probably a little bit different though. I'm sure a Steam user will explain how anytime soon.

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