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Thread: *HELP REQUEST* Need help with a mission!

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    Exclamation *HELP REQUEST* Need help with a mission!

    I need someone to help me with a mission, but I cant give you the details on this forum. Add me on skype if you can help me. Thanks! <Skype nick removed>

    Moderator edit: Removed the Skype name from the post. Like said, if you want help you either share all details in the correct thread or leave it.
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    This is not a forum you can use for sending out messages like this. This is a forum to be used to ask and share information.
    When you simply want to make a request you should use one of the sticky request topics (in this case the mission request thread).
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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