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Thread: TrackIR5, getting stuck looking sideways

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    Post TrackIR5, getting stuck looking sideways

    I just installed my TrackIR to use with the game today and it works great, only I have some kind of bug when using lean to the sides.

    At random times my character just gets stuck with his head to the side (As in normal looking to the side, not leaning), resetting TrackIR with f12 doesn't do anything. I also tried reloading the mission but it starts up even more messed up with my character in some weird contorted position.

    Exiting the game and starting it up again fixes it, but it happens every 10 min. or so at random times, so it gets quite annoying.

    If I disable the leaning axis in TrackIR then it doesn't happen, or if I turn the axis down a lot it also stops, but then I have to lean my body so much I'm almost falling out of my chair

    I downloaded the TrackIR software from the side today so it should be the lastest version.

    Anyone know what the problem could be?
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    Never had this issue. after you installed the program it will point you to some profile updates (marked in red in the top right)...Did you download them? Also maybe you want to select the A2 specific profile from the profile section or try the 'smooth profile' and if all fails disable the Z-axis? If the lean 'gets stuck' this might be because you pressed a 'side move key like 'A' or 'D'' twice locking the position for you also?

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    I got the updates, I tweaked the profile I made based on them.

    I seem to have fixed it now.

    I think the problem was that the curve I made for the lean axis had the last points/dots all the way at the top, I pulled them down just a little bit and relaxed the curve a bit, it was very steep, and it hasn't happened since, so maybe they were to extreme. Was getting quite annoying because it always happened in the middle of a mission, trying to finish it with my head to the side and my gun pointing forward was quite hard

    btw it's the first game I've played that worked this well with TrackIR, just amazing being able to look around with this much freedom and scanning the surroundings and squad without turning your character all the time.

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