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Thread: Choice Of Beta Game?

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    Is there a way to make the game start with one island each and play from there?

    I dont seem to be able to get it so that its a fresh start.

    Also. Is there away to change the way an Island is? Like changing a Defence Island to a Production or Resource island?


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    Just one island for each side is not possible in the Beta. The only selection you have is the "Captured Ratio" to give either you or the enemy more islands at the beginning of the game. It looks like right now there is always one island neutral and the others are spreaded between you and the enemy depending on the "Captured Ratio" setting with a minimum of one island on one side. I guess we have to wait for the final version with your request.

    To change the function of an island select it and use the bottom tab (the one with the tool on it) of the island's menu. There you select the new function of the island. There you can also set the island as new stockpile.

    Check your game's installation menu for a Beta Manual. The manual represents the first Beta version, but is still good enough to be of help in those matters. In section "1.5.2 Changing Island types" you find more details about your problem. You should find the Shortcut to the Beta Manual in your Start Menu, too.
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    Cheers buddy.

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