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Thread: 1st Cavalry Division Tactical Realism Unit

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    1st Cavalry Division Tactical Realism Unit

    The 1CAV is reopening in the world of FPS. A unit with a long history from way before BF 1942, the 1st Cav is being rebuilt by it's original founder, Captain S. Ghering. Cpt Ghering is a U.S. Army combat veteran of OIF II, father of 6, and an ex Tanker. He takes realism gaming to the next level.

    The 1CAV is part of a Multi MMO Gaming group that hosts a variety of units, fleets, guilds, on games such as Star Trek Online, Star Wars: TOR, ARMA II, and more. We are also advertised by the Gaming Radio Network.

    The unit is based off total realism. Our motto was always "As real as it gets without enlisting" and we stand by that today.

    We are currently looking for mature, team oriented players to help reset the 1CAV. If you think you fit, contact us by:

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