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Thread: Disable mission ending completely?

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    Disable mission ending completely?

    I am trying to make a "never ending" mission where one takes on tasks from a list of available jobs.
    It will start with you simply leasing a light helicopter and take people on tours or taxi jobs to/from airports and various locations on the map. If you manage to make a profit after fuel and maintenance and lease related costs you would eventually be able to afford your own helicopter(s) and take on ever more difficult tasks with a higher profit margin.

    As it's still a game i want to keep the mission going even if you happen to crash a helicopter into the side of a building at 250 Km/H. Replacing the "death" event with a visit to a hospital ala GTA style but with a hefty bill and the loss of your helicopter. (Hope you had insurance etc)
    Game would only end when you run out of money or can't take any jobs because you have a reputation for crashing a lot.

    So my question then...

    Is it possible to make an SP mission never end on death?

    I have searched for hours and found nothing, i have tried using a "description.ext" file with "respawn = 3;" in it and added the corresponding "respawn_west", "respawn_east" etc markers but on death the mission still ends.

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    there are two ways
    a) copy the onPlayerDeath.sqs (or similar name) into the mission and adjust the code
    b) use "player allowDamage false" and scripting to make sure the player itself never can die

    if you use search for a) you should be find more info in the forum
    probably also in the BIKI

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    It is very possible currently i have been making a mission called mercenaries chernarus GTA Style actually more mercenaries style but hey,

    There are plenty of revive scripts for arma 2 that can be converted. Mine is currently working off the bat. What i must say is it will kill most systems but for yourself you will be ok if you taylor the game to your system. I find my mission dies after about 5 hours of palying time but that was in arma engine.

    The only thing that really does kill it is sometimes scripts don't work the same on reload of a mission, i have found that to be the biggest hurdle. So test everything thoroughly for this leaving no real local variables open and you should be good to go. best of luck

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...-Revive-Script <-- Should work

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    Looks very promising. I remember these from the good ol' days in OFP i think. (onPlayerKilled.sqs that is)
    Will get to work with this when i get back home!

    Thanks guys!

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