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Thread: VON Packages somehow not transmitting

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    VON Packages somehow not transmitting

    Hey guys!
    I got a very strange problem going on with VON:
    When I press the PPT Button, on my screen the mic icon is poppin up and it SEEMS I am transmitting Voice.
    I know ARMA actually picks up sound because when I go to the options menu and try to "auto adjust" the mic and I blabber shit into the mic while its recording, the mic slider CHANGES. Tried it with shouting and with whispering, both times other result so I get that ARMA is picking up sound from my mic.

    Yet somehow these sound packages dont get transmitted to other players. They do not see my mic/Name poppin up in the lower left corner, like I do.
    I can hear other players fine, they jsut do not hear me.

    Checked Router Settings already, neccassary ports are forwarded (2302-2305 UDP/TCP)

    Some System Infos:

    Core2Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
    GTX 470

    External Soundcard (onboard disabled): Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

    Router: (D-Link DI-524)

    I am really desperate at this point since I honestly have no f**** idea of what to do else to get that sh** to work.

    It would be totally awesome If someone ...maybe official could look into that.

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    a) does it happen in every mission?
    b) on every server?
    c) do you have a chance to try a different router?

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    a) does it happen in every mission?
    Yes, every Mission, also on ARMA 2 Vanilla, OA, and Project Reality

    b) on every server?
    Yap, tried four different Servers, all with the same problem

    c) do you have a chance to try a different router?
    Well, only if I buy a new one, but I do not really want to do that unless I know for sure that this

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    Ok. Two more basic things to check:
    a) Volume for the mic ingame
    b) Volume for the mic in windows

    Especially the later seems to be an issue for quite some people.

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    Hello, and thank you for your reply.

    I checked both, heres my Windows settings:

    As For ARMA, the mic volume is turned all the way up (Slider all filled to the right)
    Also, as I said, Mic works absolutely fine in any other application.

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    Ok. Well my advice would be to try to borrow a router from a friend to give it a try (or bring your computer to a friend where it works).
    This way you can rule out if its due to the network equipment or the soundcard/drivers.

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