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Thread: ArmA 2 & OA buildings addon

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    ArmA 2 & OA buildings addon

    Does anyone know if there is an addon made that adds all the ArmA2 buildings to the editor?
    These buildings
    I searched for it here on the forum and google, but so far no success. I would love to have the buildings available in the editor.
    I can already place them through a marker position of course, but I can not rotate the buildings then. Would be great if I can just place them on the map with the editor as an object.

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    Yes update editor if I find the link I will post it for you.

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    Is this what you are looking for.

    MAP Editorupgrade (EU)

    This Addon would be created to get all needful objects of ArmA2 into the Editor, the objects would be actual splitted into 14 categories, broken, double or untextured objects aren't in here.!

    The MAP_EU would be required for editing and playing !

    Objects Categories:
    * Plants - Grass, Bushes and Trees
    * Rocks - Stones and Rocks
    * Roads - Bridges, Dam, Streets, Ways and Runways
    * Sidewalks - Sidewalks and Pathes
    * Houses - Civil Houses
    * Industry - Industrial Buildings and Equipment
    * Rails - all around Trains and Tracks
    * Military - military Buildings, Tents, and Emplacements
    * Ruins - Corpses, Wrecks, Ruins and Rubbish
    * Walls - Walls, Fences, Gates and Streetsurroundings
    * Misc - Container, Materials, Playground, ...
    * Signs - Signs, Streetlights, Poles and Billboards
    * Interieur - Furniture, Elektroniks and Drinks
    * Water - Boats, Buojs,Seas


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    Thanks AVI, I searched armaholic too and didn't see this one
    Looks like a lot of the stuff is in this addon, should get me a long way. Too bad it does not contain AO buildings and objects too!

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    Hey B00tsy If you want to just place buildings and some objects down that is easy to do mate. Just find what you want from the OBJECT LIBRARY on armaholic front page. Pick a small item from the editor the smaller the better and put this in the init box bld="Class name goes here" createvehiclelocal (getposasl this);bld setdir (getdir this); You need to put the class name of the item between "" in the code for it to work.

    FYI if you use the update editor download (MOD) in your mission no one can play your mission that does not have the download ): This is a script only you have to have it (: Thank care. I will have to show you my domination edit one day!

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    Ahh thank you thank you, that works perfectly! I still have to learn a ton of things when it comes to scripting and what is possible, I only got a building to spawn through a marker position so far. With this I can do some nice things now

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