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Thread: BAF + PMC DLC and TKOH.

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    BAF + PMC DLC and TKOH.

    Sorry if this has been covered already but is the DLC compatible with TKOH.

    I origionally bought the steam version of TKOH and loaded it up with arma 2 content but only the DLC was not working so i bought the Anni edition of steam for arma. (gotta support)

    I was hoping it was an issue with the Sprocket DLC not being compatible with Steam TKOH copy which makes sense but alas neither is the Steam DLC working.

    Pretty bummed but at least i can have a wirl on the el classico arma and have a few HR maps.

    My question is has anyone else got it working/is there a plan to get it working in any way.

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    For me this one worked well:
    "D:\Take On Helicopters\beta\takeonh.exe" "-mod=d:\ArmA2;d:\ArmA2\Expansion;d:\Take On Helicopters;d:\Take On Helicopters\Hinds;d:\Take On Helicopters\beta" -nosplash
    You see both Games are installed in D:\. Works well with Hinds and The A2-DLC.
    When You need more space in the INIT, use short paths like "e:\Arma2", "e:\ToH".

    Have to say that my A2+OA comes from DVD, all 3 DLC´s and ToH from Sprocket. I use no steam.

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    Starting to regret buying the steam TKOH but since its such a big game figures it would be easier...

    and now i have no disc drive.

    Well if anyone has it working with steam TKOH or devs can confirm it would be great!

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    At the moment BAF and PMC are not compatible with Take On Helicopters:ReArmed - they are working on this though for a future release. At the moment all you will get is the 'lite' models. It's not an issue of wether you have a steam install or not.
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    I was going to ask that actually Baraka are you sure its not just the lite models your getting.

    @Jedra that's cool thanks for replying. Im sure it will be sorted by the official 1.06 patch. But gutted the forum was down on the day bought it all

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