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Thread: ARMA II and OA Sound Issue

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    ARMA II and OA Sound Issue

    Ok spent ahwile going over the threads on this, found a few answers, but a few contradicted each other so I will put mine up here, in case it's an unrelated event.

    I purchased ARMA II and OA yesterday via steam. I am running a 5 month old tower on Win 7 64bit. Beats audio card (does it on both sound cards though). I am running steam, ARMA and ARMA OA as Admin. Now when I was playing regular ARMA, the sounds were way off. They sounded almost mono, and with bursts of static when running or moving, driving, etc. Now I know all my drivers are up to date as well as current version of DX 11. The tower I am running is an HP model P7-1154.

    I figured it was something with my system. I played OA for the first time as well today, and it runs just fine, sounds are perfect. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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    Well the only reason to play A2 alone is for MP and the servers/missions you find there.
    With CO (running OA+A2 together9 you have access to the full content of A2 anyway.

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