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Thread: Briefing editing

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    Briefing editing


    I want to make this those things in Notes in the briefing:


    1. You have KA-137 with 2 types of guns. This UAV is controlled by SUV You need it to destroy the chopper easily. Try to loacte your UAV far from the base, which have AAA Defences. If the chopper destroyed, you can use the uav for destroy the whole base. The UAV must survive to take down the chopper quickly.

    2. If the UAV destoryed after the chopper is down, you can try your AH-6 Attack Mode to destroy the base with it.

    3. A contractor group is one of the option to attack the chopper and the base by foot.

    4. You have the UH-1 Huey for attach the cargo. You will unlock it when both chopper and base are destroyed.

    5. You Can find some Ammo that can be useful to destroy the chopper.

    6. You Can use Snake to attack the base.

    7. You have a Jeep to drive to the objectives.

    so how i do that in briefing.sqf?

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    /********Diary Records***********/
    _log_support = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Support", localize "STR_support_c01"]];
    _log_briefng = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Briefing", localize "STR_briefing_c01"]];
    _log_mission = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Mission", localize "STR_mission_c01"]];

    If you are not using stingtables, then replace 'localize "STR"' with the text you want. To be fair this subject has been discussed and info avaliable very easily, you should search!

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    To make my briefing.sqf I always use

    Check it out, it's easy to use.

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    ofpec, as well as the BI WIKI are both easy to use and easily accessible. If the searching on the website is being flaky then use google. All I did was search briefing.sqf.

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