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Thread: Accidently placed arma2 unit in OA only mission, how to clean up the sqm?

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    Accidently placed arma2 unit in OA only mission, how to clean up the sqm?

    I accdidently placed a unit from arma2 while making missions which are supposed to load for OA only clients. What entry here in the sqm do I have to remove to clean it?


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    ca is the code for ArmA 2, so it's probably cacharacters_e.

    But this is the dodgy way to do it. Just look up the classnamed for the unit you added, and search for it in the sqm. You can delete him from there. Just make a backup in case it screws up your sqm formatting.

    Edit: And I'm not sure, but it may be that if you delete everything in addons, the missions itself will remained untouched and regenerate the list of required materials next time you save it.
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    Just clear the addon lists, load the mission and save it again. After deleting the Arma 2 unit of course.

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    I actually deleted the mission sqm while the mission was loaded in the editor and it generated a new one after pressing save. Thanks for the tip!

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