1. There are allowFleeing and setSkill ["Courage",0.X] commands. Are both doing same thing, or effects of usage differs in any way (how, if so)? I think that is probably not quite the same, because first may be applied to group or object (unit only?) second - only to unit... Also quote BIKI about setSkill array:

Sets ability level of person (commander unit). Value of skill may vary from 0 to 1.
If this is only for team leader, then perhaps this affects all his group, or only him?

2. What is default (usual) level of Fleeing and/or courage skill? There is also skill command to retrieve actual value, but how to retrive by a script actual value, that is changed by allowFleeing (if isn't same, as courage skill)? Say, that I want initially to change this parameter, and later go back to initial number, so I need to know, what was value of this before first change...