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Thread: CD Key Disabled

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    Question CD Key Disabled

    I have bought AO2 OA a couple years back in a retail shop, and I have installed it on my previous setup winxp, I've got a new computer now and installed it yesterday, I got through the setup, and when prompted to activate my key, I activated it online without problems but when I went to patch the game to 1.60 it said "BAD CD KEY". Long story short I had to find a compatible regedit file to be able to install patches, aswell as save my own regedit file.
    I then proceeded to try to play the game, but to my dismay it said my cd key was disabled and to contact customer support. I have read on the forums that some mods can check if my key is valid, I would appreciate that.

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    do you use windows 7 or vista? if so make sure to run the game as admin

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    I am using Windows7, I have tried running it with as admin, as well as set the permissions in regedit. I've heard it might be because its installed on multiple computers, but I've formatted that disc ages ago and I've never shared my key with anyone. Anyway just ask questions or try to explain what you think, if I find a fix or some explanation I will surely reply here.

    Fetz you say you used to have this problem, what solved it for you? Or do you still have the same problem?<

    Btw, the whole error message is like this "Bad CDKEY - Your CDKEY has been Disabled - Contact Customer Support"
    its whenever I join a multiplayer game, I do not get it when hosting local area network games, and it never says its invalid..
    I just dont get this, I registered my cd key with Bohemia Interactive yesterday..
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    Try doing what it says then, contact customer support. Where did you buy your game from ?


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    I know Placebo can check CD-Keys. Send him a PM.
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