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Thread: ServerStats test

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    ServerStats test

    I want to test "ServerStats" system (where player data is stored on the server) so I'll be hosting a game this weekend.

    6th May Sunday

    OFP 1.96

    No mods; required editorupdate102.

    • 18:00 GMT - DM Gunship
    • 18:15 - Coop Interdiction

    WW4 mod 2.5.

    • 18:30 - CTF NeverScared
    • 18:45 - Coop template

    CWA 1.99

    No mods; required editorupdate102.

    • 19:10 - DM Gunship
    • 19:25 - Coop Interdiction

    WW4 mod 2.5.

    • 19:40 - CTF NeverScared
    • 19:55 - Coop template

    Server will be visible as "" in server browser or in OFPMonitor.

    For ping reasons this is only for players from Yurop.

    Don't know how long coops will take so game timing is flexible.
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    O my god!

    You are pushing limits of OFP/Arma:CWA!

    I hope I will be able to participate

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    Is that WGL compatible faguss?
    And is it win, lin or both?
    I'm Norwegian, what's your excuse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlord View Post
    Is that WGL compatible faguss?
    And is it win, lin or both?
    There's no impediment to use any mod. This is just a mission with additional script.
    If you ask whether I'll run WGL then the answer is no.

    Windows only. There's no Fwatch for linux.

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    Will there be client-side Fwatch v1.1 required, during the test?


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    Not required, optional. Beneficial probably (I'll elaborate when I finish).


    If client got Fwatch and hold "TAB" he'll see stats for other players. Script isn't exactly completed but works for now.
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    Sorry Faguss, I am afraid I just missed the server...
    How did the tests go?

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    No you did not because 18:00 GMT is 21:00 in Lithuania.

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    We started on 18:00 GMT. There were three players: Icarus, Poweruser and Leo_Fin (thanks for coming). After first two missions I've noticed a bug in data saving. I've fixed it but had to remove the records. CWA server started on 19:30 GMT and we've played a little longer until 21:20.


    Poweruser pointed out where statistics have already been done and better so I don't plan to continue development.
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    Its sad that you wont continue development
    Would be great if author of server stats shared his program on forums.


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